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They have been implemented in its facilities 2 cameras SC8131 and 3 FD8166A-S, with which it is possible to monitor visitors and employees, as well as files and technology assets. These teams provide data in real time of people counting, helping customize the spaces for exhibitions and library resources.

Vivotek in the National Library of Latvia

Located in Riga, capital of Latvia, the National Library of Latvia attracts visitors ranging from users of traditional library services to cultural enthusiasts who attend countless exhibitions offering. With permanent exhibitions, temporal and even virtual, a wide availability of print and digital library resources, and as a centre of research and continuing education, It is an important national cultural institution that has received recognition from Unesco.

Established in 1919 and after surviving the occupations of the nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, eight library buildings housed more than 5 millions of titles, above 18.000 manuscripts, it dated from the 14th century to modern times, and a very valuable collection of national literature. Also, organized around 20 exhibitions that attract countless visitors.

The large number of users to the library facilities are a daunting challenge for the security staff, especially if you add the almost 500 staff.

Vivotek in the National Library of Latvia

Management of crowds

In response to these security challenges, the company specialized in CCTV cameras and security systems, NVision, partnered with Vivotek to install two SC8131 and three FD8166A-S cameras at the entrance. The goal was to be able to monitor the influx of visitors as well as employees and their valuable files and technology assets.

These teams provide data in real time from the count of visitors, helping staff to customize the exhibition spaces and the library resources according to different amounts of current users.

The count of visitors of the National Library of Latvia is constantly changing due to factors such as the opening of new exhibition, the time of the year, the day of the week or the time of day. Result, the unpredictability of the count of visitors makes the management of crowds in the library a complex challenge.

These teams are managed centrally through VAST, along with the technology of counting cameras have, It allows that the staff in charge know exactly where visitors are located at all times.

The network type camera dome fixed ultra small FD8166A-S is easy to install, has an optimal night visibility, a mechanism anti-fog, stylish design and enhanced WDR. With a diameter of 90 mm, It offers audio transmission and four video streams, with a resolution of 1,920 images×1.080 to 30 FPS. Also, the video streams provide high-definition images, even in environments with low lighting. Users also benefit from the Smart Stream II camera technology, to reduce the consumption of bandwidth and storage without sacrificing the quality of the image.

Vivotek FD8166A-SIn addition to the people counting and monitoring of flows of visitors, network SC8131 stereo camera has technology of 3D depth which gives a precision of the 98% and bidirectionality.

Placed over the entrance of a building, its technology allows to distinguish between humans and non-human objects. This camera can be integrated with analysis of video content that provides metadata in the form of bars and graphs. The combination of these capabilities is very valuable to improve the Organization of the building and the planning for the deployment of staff.

These two types of cameras are connected to VAST, video centralized management software (CMS) Vivotek's, that allows easy operation of all surveillance products. Thanks to this tool, security personnel can monitor streaming video live for hundreds of cameras with a system that offers recording capabilities, reproduction of events and trigger events.

FD8166A-S and SC8131 cameras and the VAST system complement each other to ensure that the National Library of Latvia will improve their day-to-day control of crowds in the long term. Also, They claim that this national cultural institution is orderly and safe for its users, its staff and the people and culture of Latvia. Also, Despite the large scale of the library, with the installation of only five network cameras it is possible to supervise effectively and intelligently all spaces.

Vivotek in the National Library of Latvia

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By • 6 Oct, 2017
• Section: Case Studies, Access control, MAIN FOCUS, CCTV