This symbol of the city now has an IP security system from this manufacturer, distributed both inside and outside the building, whose planning and installation has been carried out by the local integrator Dekom Video Security & Network, belonging to the Dallmeier group of companies.

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Dallmeier Panomera

The security management of the building of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is supported by more than three hundred network cameras from Dallmeier, distributed throughout the interior of the building and its exterior areas. A Full HD video surveillance system to which is also added the patented multifocal sensor system Panomera from this manufacturer, Specially developed for the capture of very large surfaces and long distances.

Specifically,, MFS technology secures the wing of the building closest to the river. In addition, Panomera models are integrated into the architecture of the building thanks to a special lacquer. The interaction of all system components is done through the SeMSy III high-performance video management system.

blankDistributed by the accesses and the parking floors have been installed a dozen infrared cameras Dallmeier with housing for outdoor model DF4920HD-DN / IR, that also provide high-resolution video images in the dark.

In addition, During the planning phase of the network-based video system were defined in this area, In addition to the use of parking, Five additional areas with different requirements that have been integrated into a single system: Concert area, hotel, residential area, restaurant area and the so-called Plaza.

As a public access area, in the Plaza it was necessary to plan specific video analysis options. Located on the eighth floor, at a height of 37 Meters, The square is accessed from the entrance area of the building by the so-called 'tube', an escalator of 82 meters in length.

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Dallmeier PanomeraTo protect this highly frequented area, it was decided to install cameras with intelligent video analysis of the information in the image, with automatic object detection features, especially of abandoned packages.

Video analytics, running through dedicated servers, It also provides the count of people that is performed by defining virtual lines in the image that serve as a threshold for counting, recording the number of visitors entering or leaving a detection zone, plus movement trends and peak hours.

This data helps make decisions for the configuration of commercial surfaces more safely and efficiently, as has been done with the Elbphilharmonie shop, as well as for the continuous improvement of emergency and evacuation plans, Mandatory for fire protection issues.

blankThe combination of video recording and analysis also serves to improve security, Protection and well-being of visitors to the Philharmonic, as well as hotel guests and tourists. Six workstations allow operators to have real-time and in-view information to react quickly to any incident.

As Wolfgang Haack explains, Manager of Dekom Video Security & Network, company belonging to the Dallmeier group and responsible for the design and integration of the system: "It has been a really nice project and a great success for everyone.. We look forward to future collaboration with the Elbphilharmonie and, naturally, We are not going to miss its excellent acoustics".

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By • 7 Sep, 2017
• Section: Case studies, Systems control, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Video surveillance