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In a vessel of Greece have installed a video surveillance solution IP able to withstand extreme weather conditions while you're surfing the. An infrastructure consisting of a camera FishEye FE8181V, two IP-9171HP, other two IP-8162 and a FE8181. All of them are connected to two NVR ND8422P.

Vivotek and Technet Informatics ship in Greece

Greece is one of the most representative of world shipping industry. With over 250.000 million per year, maritime transport accounts for more than the 6% of the GDP and employs to almost 300.000 people.

TechNet Informatics I was looking for a solution that would enable continuously monitoring a vessel while ensuring the crew. The use of advanced technology is vital to ensure that the correct procedures are followed and maintaining a safe working environment, In addition to serving to provide evidence in case of accident.

Vivotek and Technet Informatics ship in GreeceA ship in Greece has faced these challenges and has installed a comprehensive system of security based on IP. This solution had to be robust enough to operate 24×7 during several months of navigation at sea. For the realization of this project, completed in February this year, TechNet Informatics has used the technology of Vivotek.

Robust camera FishEye FE8181V is installed on the main motor, While we have opted for the implementation of two models IP-9171HP and other two IP-8162 for outside views, and a FE8181 into the bridge. Six teams of low-profile FE8180s have been used to monitor covers.

Vivotek and Technet Informatics ship in Greece

The FE8181V is a dome fixed camera network that features a CMOS sensor of 5 megapixel camera which allows the visualization in a resolution of 1920×1.920 with 15 FPS, and is equipped with a fisheye lens of 1,5 mm for panoramic 180 ° (Wall Mount) 360 ° view of the surrounding (Ceiling, floor or table mount). With regard to its design is a suitable equipment for the place that has been placed, on the main motor, its casing is weatherproof (IP66) and it is reinforced by its IK10 classification that allows it to operate in a wide temperature range, to weather that makes it resistant to the weather and approves of vandalism. Also, meets the EN50155 standard, that ensures that the equipment can withstand shock and vibration.

This solution from videoviglancia is equipped with a removable IR cut for day and night function filter. They also have a range IR illuminator 10 meters to achieve a uniform light through a 360 ° wrap.

This infrastructure, integrated by 16 cameras, is connected to two NVR's 16 ND8422P channels that allow the monitoring of images from the offices of the ship. Plug and play this team functionality frees maintenance processes security personnel and allows them to monitor the conditions of the ship at any time through your mobile app EZConnect.

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By • 14 Jul, 2017
• Section: MAIN FOCUS, Networks, Computer Security, CCTV