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Take advantage of the zoom PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) MIC IP Starlight cameras 7000 HD and Dinion IP starlight 8000 MP to help airport operators in the monitoring and management of procedures, allowing to control live traffic in all weather conditions.

The supplier of solutions for remote torres and optimization of surfaces for airports and air navigation service providers (ANSPs), Searidge Technologies, has integrated IP cameras from Bosch Security in its proposals.

Take advantage of the zoom PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) Bosch MIC IP Starlight cameras 7000 HD and Dinion IP starlight 8000 MP to help airport operators in the monitoring and management of procedures in a safe and efficient manner, because the ability to control live traffic, day and night, in all weather conditions, It is vital to operate an airport 24×7.

As part of its offer, the video captured from the Bosch Starlight cameras joins and passes through sophisticated processing algorithms to deliver the platform complete panoramic views, gates, airstrips. This is transmitted live to air traffic controllers, workers and security personnel. Also, is it archived for future reproductions and revisions.

"The nature review of operations in our airport customers require high reliability in cameras and visual product". We select the line Bosch Starlight because it offers proven quality, backed by a large sales force and technical support","said Thuan Nguyen, Chief of Operaciones de Searidge Technologies.

Starlight cameras are designed to provide quality images in lower lighting conditions. Transmit in color in dark environments, beyond the point where other change to monochrome. The Dinion IP Starlight 8000 MP offers a resolution of 5 megapixel and optimum performance of color even at minimum light circumstances; While the MIC IP Starlight 7000 HD are reinforced PTZ cameras that resist harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, rain, snow, strong gusts of wind and vibration.

Now, Searidge is distributing Bosch Starlight cameras to manage a wide variety of operations in airports around world, those include the Dubai, to display the status and occupation of the area, in the remote Tower of Budapest, or in Milano Malpensa and Linate to implement the concept of 'remote airport'.

"The integration of the Bosch Starlight cameras with innovative solutions for the management of airport surfaces developed by Searidge Technologies is an example of as video surveillance can extend beyond security", to improve operations and efficiency in facilities around the world. Help them monitor, manage and control the traffic and improve the safety and efficiency", says Jacquelyn Hall-Davies, Vice President of sales in Canada of Bosch Security.

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By • 3 May, 2017
• Section: Control Systems, CCTV