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The growing need to control access to certain facilities or restricted areas, due to the increased insecurity and the new methods used to attempt, they are made of license plate recognition systems, along with the CCTV HD, the best choice for advanced access control management.

Unlike other video analysis systems, license plate recognition technology has matured since its inception in the Decade of the 70. It was invented and initially developed in United Kingdom, and it was used for the first time to detect a stolen vehicle and thus make their detention subsequently. Those first few uses is combining this technology with the business logic for application in various industries, the result is a safer access management, quick and effective.

There are different systems both for a single use of the images captured by the camera storage, and list generation white or black to manage access, as those who have capacity to store the images with the text of the registration as well as the management.

In this sense, the success of the final solution of security is based on the correct design of the installation, as well as in the choice of suitable equipment. By Demes Group Advisor in the choice of materials suitable for each installation, because it is not the same capture license plates with stopped vehicles, purpose which is solved with the deployment of simple CCTV cameras, to use these systems in traffic applications with moving vehicles, What requires lights strobe and industrial cameras, In addition to defining the correct locations to achieve greater reliability and effectiveness.

License plate recognition systems of Vaelsys, manufacturer of systems of video analysis, marketed By Demes Group, They provide a reliability rate in the detection of license plate, under optimum conditions of installation, close to the 100% in Free Flow and in Stop mode&Go, both cars and mopeds, trucks and trailers, In addition to integrating into their systems enrolments in Arabic alphabet.

Another noteworthy parameters of this manufacturer LPR systems is their integration with IP cameras of leading manufacturers from the market (as Hyundai, Uniview and Dahua, brands represented By Demes group), as well as as to capture through streaming video of different DVR and NVR systems, facilitating their installation with analogue systems HDCVI or HDTVI.

With a simple installation that prevents the Integrator to perform complex civil works, LPR license plate reading this system especially suitable for controlling access of unauthorized vehicles to areas restricted in cities, In addition to having the ability to identify the direction of them to control their circulation in streets or highways.

As noted By Demes group, one of the values offered in Vaelsys LPR systems management is that users can generate different access permissions, modify in any moment and in real time the different lists and permissions, In addition to generating a virtually unlimited registrations database.

For example, the user can give access to the vehicles to their reserved places, or deny access to the parking a vehicle in white list by occupation of the same excess; automatically manage the entry of trucks into the loading docks with the opening of the barriers, may differentiate between the head license plate tractor and trailer to provide greater security, and even their maximum time spent in dock for an efficient use of the logistics platform.

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By • 3 Apr, 2017
• Section: Access control, MAIN FOCUS, Detection, Urban Security