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The Korean manufacturer has developed this complete recording solution in order to remove the barriers between analog HD protocols of different manufacturers and thus leverage any existing HD camera customer, No matter be CVI, TVI, AHD or CVBS.

The new recorders ZVR of Hyundai, whose products officially distributed in the Spanish market by Dames, They ensure the compatibility between analogue CCTV systems of different manufacturers and solutions in IP network, under the concept 'penta-hybrid' or 'five'.

Also, additional features of these new recorders are encoding H.264 +, that gives an average savings of the 50% the bandwidth (until 70% in laboratory tests), with respect to the conventional H.264; as well as an optimal resolution and video quality.

The 'five-in-one' ZVR are structured in three different series to provide a solution tailored for most installations. The series is made up of teams with 720 p resolution Home to 25 IPS and for the domestic sector; the Professional version allows the management of resolutions of 1. 080p on larger installations, for projects that require the most advanced technology.

These recorders are equipped with multiple video output options (VGA, BNC, HDMI, 2K and 4K), facilitating the installer maximum flexibility by not having to purchase large equipment to provide high resolution video outputs.

Intelligent video analysis is also part of the advanced features that include the Hyundai ZVR, allowing you to generate alarms for line crossing, intrusion of given area or audio detection (VAC),without losing the conventional motion detection and alarm input for external devices (for models with alarm I/O).

Furthermore, the automatic execution of different actions, as the management of relay output, the sending of e-mails, capture pictures or call Presets of motorized domes to analyze the scene with maximum detail. As a new, Add analysis diagnosis of the video signal from the cameras with warnings against possible sabotage by blur, occlusion or abrupt scene changes (deliberate camera rotation).

All this range teams work under the new video HYU-VMS management software, that allows you to manage up to 256 devices (between NVR, DVR, IP cameras and other network elements such as decoders, etc.). They also have monitoring functions in real time under two programmable streams, recording and advanced video search, a complete configuration of each computer and alarm log.

Also, the Korean manufacturer has updated the different apps (HYU-VMS and HYU-Connect to iOS and Android) improving the push notification and adding a new cloud for a comprehensive and intuitive management of all your devices.

These recorders are the basis of the Nextgen range of the company, also featuring Chambers 'four-in-one' (with technology HDTVI, HDCVI, AHD and CVBS), cameras H.264 IP + and arising worldwide until the next 24 January at Intersec Dubai 2017 through by Demes Group, exclusive distributor of Hyundai.

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By • 24 Jan, 2017
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