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This solution presents itself as a mobile application of safety and security that integrates several brands, combining intrusion with CCTV. Allows the armed and desrmado of the system of alarm, alerting the user with push notifications in real time in the smartphone and its total control.

Mobile applications have become essential in the lives of citizens and an example are the app's control of security systems. Moreover, There are many users who have both alarm systems and video surveillance in their buildings and offices, and they managed through two independent for each type of product applications.

In order to simplify and improve these processes, By Demes Group He has developed a unique application called PeepAll that it is possible to both manage the alarm system Paradox (EVO, Magellan and Spectra SP) as video surveillance systems Dahua (IP and HDCVI). And, coming soon, you expect to be integrating other brands distributed by the company.

PeepAll allows the arming and disarming of the alarm system, alerting it to the user using push notifications in real time on the smartphone. It also performs the complete alarm system control (Partial Assembly of the system, cancellation of areas, control of programmable outputs, review of the event history, etc.).

Also, application alerts associated with cameras or recorders alarm in real time to your videoverification. This optimizes the management of security systems by centralizing the procedure in a single service is available both for iOS as Android devices.

PeepAll is presented as a mobile implementation of security and safety that integrates various brands by combining intrusion with CCTV, a solution that complements the rest of professional applications launched in the past years (CCTV EVO Plus, GREAT, HYU CMS...) by the company.

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By • 17 Jan, 2017
• Section: Alarms, Control Systems, Intrusion, CCTV