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To respond to the demand for video with high level of detail images and, Therefore, data, the manufacturer has changed what until now was an optional feature, with an extra cost or license fee, for users to search the desired image through large amounts of data of video with more precision and speed.


The integration of Video Analytics function in the range of network cameras from Bosch Security It will facilitate decision-making more quickly and efficiently to its customers, since now you can search effortlessly through large amounts of video data and identify information that interests them, unless it involves a cost extra and reducing the time in monitoring and evaluation of the images.

During the next few months, the full range of IP cameras from manufacturer, as the IP series 4000 will they be delivered equipped with this function as standard, and the Starlight family will be the first to present a complete package of the new Video Analytics Essential, It will start on fixed models Dinion Starlight 6000 and the domes Flexidome Starlight 6000. The high-end, as Starlight 7000 and 8000, they will integrate the new analysis of state-of-the-art Bosch video, offering up to seventeen different possibilities of analytical.

Bosch-video-security-client-1-5Within the IP cameras, Video analytics creates a system of smart security with the use of metadata, which implies greater accuracy and data management of the video at the point of capture image (at the edge) allowing to perform independently, avoiding a single point of failure (a central server for analysis) so that the system can continue to operate if a camera or Encoder fails.

Bosch AutoDome IP Starlight 7000Thanks to this precise analysis at the point of capture or edge, each network camera can interpret the captured video data and alert users of security threats based on configurable activators, Since these will have the possibility of recovering instantly and easily specific material filed under hours of stored video data. Also, controlling the point at which data are captured and transmitted only the really valuable and necessary, the network storage requirements are significantly reduced.

The Essential Video Analytics package, especially for SMEs and retail sector, It offers fifteen different algorithms that can be used for Intelligent detection, intrusion, control objects, people counting and other useful business metrics. For his part, Intelligent Video Analytics Bosch state-of-the-art, Seventeen video analysis algorithms, It offers an optimum level of precision in mission critical applications, as large installations in perimeter protection, reducing false alarms even in adverse weather conditions.

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By • 30 Nov, 2016
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