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The collaboration between both allows the integration of cameras PTZ analog and HD / hybrid of 360 Vision with the Ogier Scan-360 to offer a solution economic and efficient. This cooperation provides improvements in integration and performance, to very different deployments of security systems.

360 Vision and Ogier scan 360360 Vision Technology, and represented in Spain by IPtv, has developed together with Ogier Electronics a system of detection with a radar of high performance and low cost for projects of safety.

The collaboration between both companies allows the integration of cameras analog and HD / hybrid of 360 View the Ogier Scan-360 radar, enabling features Camera Control on Target Detect (CCTD) or Alarm on Target Detect (ATD).

Offering screening of persons and vehicles, the Ogier Scan-360 is a radar that is based in a locator of threats with a range of up to 125.000 square meter. In mode detection, Tilt a surveillance PTZ camera to direct it to a specific place and send an alert to the control room.

Also, the system of detection perimeter Scan-360 provides an alternative economic and efficient, Since is is available at a cost slightly superior to the of a camera PTZ standard.

360 Vision and Ogier scan 360Chambers 360 Vision Technology can be easily integrated into the system Scan-360 or specify as a stand-alone unit that includes a PTZ camera 360 Vision Predator or Centurion analog or HD/hybrid to adapt to the needs of radar scope.

"Since its launch", Scan-360 has followed to evolve to increase their benefits, both in scope and in detection, becoming a detector perimeter of intruders especially suitable in a wide range of applications, as critical infrastructure and protection of goods", says Mark Rainbow.

360 Vision Technology will leverage their participation in the road show IP-in-Action Live Bristol to be held on 8 December, to show this solution and the rest of new products in its catalogue of products for security systems and TI.305 × 408

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By • 16 Nov, 2016
• Section: Detection, CCTV