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Designed by the German subsidiary of Thales, This provider of communications, infrastructure and digital signage solutions contributed to transmit and display signals of video and images in this critical environment, After migrating from analog technology to digital to improve the control and safety of traffic in the suburban in the German capital.


With 146 Km. of lines and 173 stations, the Berlin transport company (BVG) It operates the largest of the German speaking countries metro network. Now, all the traffic railway underground, which has more than 1.200 vehicles and used 1,5 millions of travelers to daily, managed from the new center control Friedrichsfelde.

The specialist in management and security Thales, through its subsidiary in Germany, He has been responsible for planning and implementing this new hub systems 400 M2, KVM technology has been used in which of Black Box to transmit and display the signals of video and images.

The new facilities is have designed establishing new standards in the conditions of work and of transformation digital to do facing them needs future. A requirement of BVG was the use of fiber optics as, Unlike the CATx cabling, is immune to the interference, especially in that regard to the compatibility electromagnetic (EMC) and the problems related to the ground.


For this project is had that perform the conversion of those systems analogue (as VGA, inter alia) to digital systems (DVI), that in addition to improving the quality of the images (and produce less fatigue visual in the operators), they facilitate the digital transmission of images to have an easy redundant configuration, eliminating failures of systems in an environment so critical as the control of local transport systems.

One of the advantages of this new center of control with respect to the old facility is twenty-one computers are located 40 meters away, in a room cooled and safe. "This separation space with the seasons of work by the technology KVM offers many advantages-explains Richard Maraschi", Director of projects from Black Box-, Since increases the security and also the life of service of those computers or servers, In addition to providing greater flexibility, What greatly improves the processes".

Specifically, the new Center has with more than thirty Extenders KVM DKM that facilitate the transmission of signals of video digital with resolutions of up to 2,048×1.152p, including information of keyboards and mice. The content is distributed via 31 lines of video workstations and three huge videowall, each one configured with six screens, for those operators have a vision of all the network of the subway of Berlin, to monitor and control of how simple the traffic


For Maraschi, "the experience of the user is vital to determine the acceptance of a system and how is used to work". Latency times (and frustrations) detectable that they saw in the analog era are now history". Also, the deployment of the complete KVM structure was conducted quickly spot by a single employee.

As explains Doris Fritz, Director of the project of the division of systems of transportation of Thales Germany, "for us it was important that the deployed solution interact seamlessly with heterogeneous systems from different manufacturers. Thanks to our experience with Black Box problem we had to make a decision in regards to selecting a modern KVM system".

In critical areas, as the transportation public of passengers, the robustness and reliability of the solutions are vital, two requirements that the solutions of this supplier have gone improving in its extensive experience in stations of control and industrial.

"The possible failures are always a key factor in projects like this, where a deployment free of interruptions of the service is something fundamental. In the case of BVG not there was no problem of service during the deployment, and migration was made without any restriction in the traffic", says Fritz.


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By • 7 Nov, 2016
• Section: Case Studies, Data Center, Control Systems, MAIN FOCUS, Urban Security