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The security infrastructure is made up of 2.100 Dinion and FlexiDome high-resolution fixed cameras, as well as AutoDome teams, located throughout the building. They have also been implemented 150 Videojet set-top boxes 7000, which are controlled by Bosh's BVMS, and the 2PB DSA-E series storage system.

Bosch securizes Shanghai Tower

One of the biggest technological bets on Bosch Security is connectivity and a sign of this is the security project it has carried out in China's largest skyscraper, Shanghai Tower.

Only surpassed by Dubai's Burj Khalifa, With 828 meters high, Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world with its 632 Meters, 127 floors and an area of 420.000 square meters encompassing many green spaces, Offices, entertainment venues, shops and cultural places, as well as a luxury hotel. The building, located in Lujiazui financial district, it also houses the world's tallest observation tower, providing stunning views of the city.

Bosch-Dinion-IP-imager-9000HDThis structure is capable of harboring up to 16.000 people a day so safety is one of the most important issues. With this in mind, the building was equipped with a complete Bosch network video surveillance solution, in addition to being equipped with public address and intrusion solutions.

A video surveillance network composed of 2.100 Bosch Dinion and FlexiDome high-resolution fixed cameras, as well as AutoDome equipment that are located throughout the building and that respond to a wide range of operational needs. Thanks to Bosch's starlight technology, these cameras provide full visibility 24×7 with high-resolution images, regardless of the lighting or movement conditions of objects.

Bosch AutoDome IP Starlight 7000AutoDome IP cameras also have Intelligent Tracking functionality, that allows security personnel to automatically track moving targets throughout the building, according to predefined alarm rules.

Cameras can be adjusted continuously and dynamically depending on movement and light intensity variations, thanks to the features of automatic exposure (Auto Exposure) and Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (dynamic smart noise reduction). Features that are important to help maintain the sustainability ethics of the tower.

Bosch Flexidome IPTo reduce the amount of energy needed to illuminate the tower, the facade was built transparently so that light can enter inside the maximum amount of natural light.

AutoDome IP camera ensures perfect exposure of objects, regardless of the variation in light, keeping bit rate and storage requirements to a minimum. Onboard Intelligent Video Analytics provides alerts when needed and helps staff quickly recover the right data when needed.

This security infrastructure has also been implemented 150 Bosch Videojet set-top boxes 7000 that are controlled by video management software (BVMS) from this same manufacturer. This allows continuous monitoring of live video, as well as the recorded images, even in the event of a system outage or failure. Finally,, Bosch 2PB DSA-E series storage system is being used for long-term video recording and ensuring retention and reliability.

Praesidio voice evacuation

Bosch securizes Shanghai TowerFor emergencies, Shanghai Tower is equipped with Bosch Praesidio voice evacuation system, which includes more than 100 amplifiers and 6.000 Speakers, strategically distributed throughout the building so that security personnel can send instructions in case of emergency eventualities, intelligiblely and targeted at different areas.

Audio signals and six control rooms are connected via a local area network within the tower, forming a redundant loop. This loop means that even in the event of a breakdown of the control rooms of a tower, messages can continue to be disseminated throughout the building, ensuring the orderly evacuation of visitors and staff.

The tower's surveillance system is also supported by Bosch Blue Line Gen2 intrusion systems, as well as by 12 DS7400Xi intrusion control panel sets. They interact with surveillance systems to track intrusions and transmit the signal to BVMS (Bosch Video Management System) inside the control room, which means that security personnel are alerted in the event of an intrusion and the subject of interest can be visually monitored from the control room.

An improved audio experience

Bosch securizes Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower also has a multi-function conference center, as well as a banquet hall in the main building. For better audio performance during conference center events, Bosch Electro-Voice solution has been installed, which includes the speakers 100 Evid.

These are strategically located throughout the center to provide an optimal audio experience for conference and event participants. Speakers and amplifiers are also available Electro-Voice and its RE-series microphones to give the tower high sound quality.

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