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AG Neovo SX-15 screen is designed with a rugged metal housing, It protects against any collision and helps with heat dissipation, and an optical glass NeoV shielding against scratches and other incidental.

AG Neovo SX-15 pAG Neovo It has expanded its line of high-resolution SX displays designed to control centers requiring high security systems with the SX-15 p model that joins the existing ones of 15 (SX-15), 17 (SX-17 P) and 19 (SX-19 P) inches.

The SX-15 p screen has been designed to support its operation in the most demanding in control centres and industrial environments, at the time that offers crisp images, clear and no latency.

In the security environment, performance and durability are key elements. For this reason, This display of AG Neovo solution incorporates the EcoSmart Sensor technology, that minimises power consumption and allows you to control the ambient light as well as the automatic brightness adjustment.

AG Neovo SX-15 pSturdy metal housing protects against any accidental collision and helps with heat dissipation, While the optical glass NeoV, a kind of specially formulated and reinforced with multiple layers of coating glass, It protects the panel against scratches and other incidental.

“The SX-15 p is a resistive screen, versatile, high-performance designed specifically for applications 24×7”, says Sharon Huang, AG Neovo's product manager.

AG Neovo SX-15 pTailored for security environments, SX-15 p screen is a solution to display multipoint that provides flexible monitoring which integrates Advanced Image Platform technology (AIP) noise reduction capabilities, PIP and PBP.

It also has Anti-Burn-In functionality that is key to security monitors that should display fixed images for long periods of time.

In regards to your connectivity, incorporates passive loop-through BNC connectors, video, VGA, DVI, audio in/out and DC power output. Features provided by an integration of the screen easily

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By • 2 Feb, 2016
• Section: Control Systems, Computer Security