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The new version of this high performance application for configuration and management of large systems of IP video from this manufacturer is more powerful, structured and flexible.

Dallmeier PService3

PService3 scans the network of video in search of devices Dallmeier, recognised automatically and list them in an overview. If needed, It also provides both the list with a preview of the Chambers, or filtered according to different criteria, so both devices of video surveillance and recording systems can be managed comfortably.

This new version has more features, It encompasses the modification of IP addresses, through integrated software updates, until the direct opening of configuration dialogs, In addition to offering more flexibility and to adapt to the particular needs of each user.

In this sense, the user interface has been completely revised and now has a more modern and structured design. In addition, You can also adapt individually to the needs of the user: Depending on the workplace, the interface can be switched between a dark design and another clear; It is possible to join and will place functions and individual views in the program window, as well as add and sort tools and view according to your need and have always before his eyes which creates more essential.

The representation of multifocal sensor systems Panomera It has been widely extended in this release, so is available details of each of the modules of a camera Panomera. Also, tools are available for maintenance and configuration of systems MFS.

For example, with the software Panomera AutoCalibration tool (to independently install), It is possible to automatically calibrate the transitions of the modules quickly and easily.

PService3 is compatible with all Dallmeier network cameras, including multifocal Panomera sensor systems, as well as with all the recording devices of this German manufacturer from the fourth generation. The company offers in detail their management and practical examples in your webinar dedicated to this application.

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By • 22 Jan, 2016
• Section: Control Systems, CCTV