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An IP video surveillance solution based on an infrastructure integrated by 171 Vivotek cameras. These network equipment is connected to two digital VCRs that incorporate Vivotek's VAST software, allowing centralized recording of security videos in real time.

Vivotek in Chaponashr

Chaponashr is one of Tehran's most innovative printing presses, which offers modern digital printing services and allows its customers to send their prints directly over the Internet. A company that represents the past and future of Iran's publishing industry.

Thanks to the commercial boom experienced by this business, Chaponashr has facilities where there is an incessant flow of paper supply, finished products and employees in constant motion. This is why the need was raised to implement a solution to monitor this movement of materials, visitors and employees throughout the plant.

And, to do that, contract the knowledge and experience of Pooya Fara Negar (Nfp) Technology, a consultant and distributor of IP network products in Iran. According to your assessment and recommendations, Chaponashr decided to implement an IP video surveillance infrastructure based on Vivotek.

Vivotek in Chaponashr

Networked infrastructure

Given Chaponash's particular security requirements and needs, a set of high-tech network cameras was needed, robust and reliable. To this end, a total of 171 Units, networked, and two network video vcrs (Nvr) with Vivotek's VAST software.

Vivotek in ChaponashrIn the production and binding section, as well as at the main entrance of the Chaponashr plant, four SD8363E cameras have been installed. A dome-like team 2 megapixels with the ability to monitor 360 degrees and 20x zoom function, that allows a complete monitoring of the building's surroundings.

Within the changing rooms and the cafeteria have been arranged seven other FD8164V cameras. This is a fixed dome of 2 Megapixel, with removable IR cutting filter that allows day and night visibility.

In addition, twelve cameras of the IB8367-T bullet type model have been installed. With its 2 megapixels and nighttime capabilities, is ideal for areas that require a solution with remote focus capability and IP66 classification, which means this camera can withstand the worst dust storms and heavy rains.

Vivotek in ChaponashrThis project has been completed with 17 IP8337H-C equipment, seven IB8338H and two FD8338-HV. These Vivotek cameras have the WDR Pro function, allowing clear and sharp images to be captured under high-contrast lighting conditions, as is the case with the income zone.

The seven IB8338-H cameras are located in the income zone, while the FD8338-HV, for its resistance to vandalism and its WDR Pro capability, are located at the high-security entrance of Chaponashr.

Other 92 IB8369 bullet-type network cameras are scattered throughout the plant to strengthen safety. A bullet-type equipment that offers a resolution of 2 MP filed as an affordable and cost-effective solution for surveillance applications.

Finally,, in the offices, one of the best-lit areas of the plant, have been installed 11 fd8137H and FD8169 models, which are ideal for operating in natural or bright lighting conditions thanks to the WDR function.

All these network cameras are connected to two digital VCRs that incorporate Vivotek's VAST software, thus allowing centralized recording of security videos in real time from a safe place at the Chaponashr plant.

Vivotek in Chaponashr

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By • 4 Jan, 2016
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