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The technology company has developed a new solution based on analytical data that offers greater transparency and improvement in making decisions of surveillance of agents of mobility to improve the control of the urban parking systems.

Xerox CitySight

In order to help the mobility agents to better manage workload, decisions of surveillance more optimal and create higher performance teams, Xerox It has developed CitySight, a new system based on 'the cloud' that uses data analytics technologies.

The CitySight system has been developed by researchers from Xerox based on the data entered by the Los Angeles Department of transportation and the Department of public works in Denver.

This new solution automates many manual processes, Since includes a system of record that analyzes the activities everyday of them agents of mobility, as working time, Guard Tour, interaction of citizens, notices of complaint, etc.. So supervisors can then use the data which are deducted from the information recorded by agents to manage the time and resources, improve circulation and ensure the availability of parking spaces and the security of citizens.


For David Jones, Director general of the division of urban mobility of Xerox, "CitySight brings more visibility and transparency to the control of the compliance of mobility, creating a better working dynamic team. Data obtained from the analytical offering CitySight reduces the differences between the different levels of productivity that often exist and allows supervisors and co-workers get a better idea of the work done by its agents during a particular shift".

Available worldwide as part of a package of Xerox solutions for urban mobility, CitySight also allows you to extend the functions of an agent's mobility beyond compliance with parking regulations so that it can handle other service requests and complaints from citizens or go to where most needed them.

As explained Greg Savelli, Head of compliance operations of parking at the Los Angeles Department of transportation, "we are working closely with Xerox to understand how we can deploy best our mobility agents to meet the needs of our citizens and local businesses. With CitySight, our supervisors may be more effective, be more focused, respond more quickly to problems and get that our city is safer and less congested".

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By • 9 Jul, 2015
• Section: Control Systems, Urban Security, Services