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Designed for the capture of car plates, IA camera P816A-LPC is the first solution for traffic monitoring in real-time developed by this manufacturer of security systems in network.

Vivotek IP816A-LPC

The Taiwanese developer Vivotek He has presented its first security solution for the capture of plates of cars in real time-IP816A LPC-, professional network type box camera of 2 megapixel.

Vivotek IP816A-LPC incorporates two long-range external Led and is specially designed to operate 24/7 to monitor the traffic day and night, Besides being used for urban video surveillance on streets, tunnels and parking garages.

The solution IP816A-LPC is designed to capture reflective and non-reflective plates of cars travelling at speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. This House of 2 megapixel provides coverage of traffic at double-lane, Optimizing the effectiveness of the system and ensuring excellent recognition results.

Vivotek IP816A-LPCP816A-LPC, with rating IP66/IK10 enclosures, It is also integrated with the Overseer LPR software, developed by VIT Company, It allows to capture images of plates for applications LPR.

Thanks to its long-range external and IR-cut filter LED, the camera generates enough lighting and reduces glare for a clear shot of plates, even in difficult light conditions. Vivotek technology LPC, together with WDR Pro, 3D noise reduction, RBF (Remote back focus), EIS (electronic image stabilization), instantaneous approach, adjustable shutter speed, iris lens type P and IR lighting control, It ensures optimum quality of image under any condition.

For Tim her, Vivotek Marcom, "today, video surveillance has a vital role in the monitoring of traffic. The key challenge for installers is how to optimally capture plates of vehicles at all times. Our professional experience in developing solutions for network cameras has allowed the development of the IP816A-LPC solution with innovative features, not only to solve a key problem for the industry, but also to reinforce our range for transit and urban surveillance monitoring applications".

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By • 2 Jul, 2015
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