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Sedor technology-based, the DVS server appliance 2200 Dallmeier IPS offers a high-performance video analysis system, suitable for different applications in tasks of surveillance and counting.

Dallmeier DVS 2200 IPS

The DVS 2200 IPS of Dallmeier It is an appliance of high performance for the analysis server Sedor of up to 12 IP video and the recording channels of up to 24 IP video channels. Both analysis software (DVS Analysis Server) as the recording (Smavia Recording Server) they are integrated and can be easily configured with a Web browser via Ethernet.

This solution is based on Sedor technology that provides a system of high-performance video self that provides optimal analytical results using the algorithms of evaluation of images and the permanent adaptation of the system parameters to the current environmental conditions (self-adaptation). In combination with different analysis applications (Intruder, Object Counting, Art), It is possible to use in various different surveillance and counting tasks.

Dedicated scan DVS Analysis Server server software is configured via Ethernet through the Sedor WebGui which incorporates. In combination with optional licensing of different applications of Sedor analysis for video analysis can be used up to 12 IP video channels.

The results of the analysis can be transmitted in real time directly to management clients external PGuard advance and Smavia Viewing Client. Also, they can be sent as a message in XML format or be used for the control of external relays via Ethernet. With the optional module for visualisation and evaluation Sedor DiViStic, It is possible to represent graphically or in tabular form the results of counting by Ethernet via a browser applications.

The DVS 2200 IPS has a compact casing of 1 UA (height unit) and can be installed in a rack of 19 inch through the rails of montage that includes.

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By • 25 May, 2015
• Section: Computer Security, CCTV