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Bosch has integrated the new system of fire protection of the data center Telehouse Deutschland with the existing infrastructure of access control and intrusion, and it did so using its solution of integration of buildings.

Bosch CPD Telehouse

Bosch Security Systems has updated the Telehouse Deutschland data center fire protection system, in Frankfurt, and you have installed a modular solution network, based on its Universal UGM security system 2040.

Using his system of integration of buildings (UNTIL, Building Integration System), It has also integrated the new panel of fires with existing access control and intrusion of Bosch solutions.

With a total area of 25.000 square meter, data center managed by Telehouse Deutschland is one of the largest in the country. Many international corporations, financial service providers and cloud services providers used this CPD as local primary or standby to ensure uninterrupted operation of your critical it systems.

In addition to infrastructures redundant, Telehouse offers a source of emergency power supply, serving all of cargo operations support for three days, as well as complete solutions for physical security and protection of servers.

Bosch CPD Telehouse

UGM Universal security system 2040

New fire protection solution includes the UGM Universal security system 2040, highly customizable, as well as eleven hubs that give support to different areas of the building.

All systems are networked through optical fiber in a circular topology. The existing fire and spray extinguishing systems have also been connected to the UGM 2040. In addition they have been installed more than 3.800 fire detectors and a large number of smoke aspiration systems, for all data center.

The critical detection data, as temperature, hours of operation and degree of pollution, they are continuously collected and stored in a database (surveillance state).

Based on these data, Telehouse can plan very accurately both the maintenance and the replacement of individual detectors. Continuous analysis of disturbance variables allows you to react quickly to critical events.
New fire protection system meets all the requirements set out in the regulations EN54. Thanks to its architecture, modular, It can be adapted to the changing needs that arise.

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By • 11 May, 2015
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