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The construction of the new Tehran Metro lines, nerve transport hub in Iran's capital, has 82 Vivotek manufacturer's network cameras and recorders to ensure the safety of staff working in tunnels and future facilities, thanks to its technology to withstand difficult light and environmental conditions.

Vivotek Metro Teheran

The Tehran Metro connects from the year 1999 to the inhabitants and visitors of Iran's capital, with a transit greater than 2,5 millions of passengers a day, which in addition to being the most widely used means of transport has significantly reduced congestion and pollution in this fast-growing metropolis.

Made up of five lines, with a combined length of 152 km., the metropolitan of Tehran is currently expanding with the construction of two other lines that will contribute 430 Km. More, and is linked to Iran's regional rail network.

Vivotek Metro TeheranAesthetically designed to harmonize with the architecture of the ancient city of Tehran, the metropolitan has advanced technological systems for its operation, where it has been invested around 2.000 millions of dollars since the year 2010 and that continues to be updated as the metro network expands, where surveillance becomes increasingly demanding with the development of new lines.

To ensure the safety of future travellers from them, as well as the safety of the workers who build them, tehran Metro managers saw the need for a new surveillance system to cover the tunnels, platforms and workshops of this rapidly expanding network.

Vivotek Metro TeheranThe coverage area, lacking natural light and, therefore, it's very dark, it's also extremely dusty and wet, so the selected networked devices had to deliver crisp and reliable quality images under poor lighting conditions and the harshest operating conditions.

To respond to this complex challenge, local security systems integrator Pooya Fara Negar was used (Nfp), who selected the manufacturer's high-performance IP camera technology and range Vivotek (as was already the case in another project carried out in this country analyzed in Digital Security Magazine) to ensure the continuity of development work on the new Tehran Metro lines, with the certainty that the areas of work, tunnels and platforms would be monitored 24×7 for a secure and stable network system thanks to this provider's video recording and management systems.

Vivotek Metro TeheranIn total they have been installed 82 Vivotek network cameras throughout the construction area of the new metropolitan lines.

Difficult lighting conditions in tunnels and workshops required extremely sensitive systems, for what the BULLET type model IP8371E was chosen, especially suitable for covering runners with low or no lighting thanks to the integration of the Smart IR function, that prevents over-exposure and reduces noise to instantly adjust IR lighting intensity based on changes in light in the environment.

In addition, the 3D noise reduction technology incorporated by the IP8371E camera allows you to capture sharp images under low light conditions and also helps reduce sensor noise bandwidth. Added to this are powerful infrared illuminators, with a range of 30 Meters, to further improve coverage of areas of new subway lines.

Vivotek's IP8335H camera was chosen for the input zones, offering high-detail images in any light condition. The system integrates the WDR Pro function to capture the dark and bright parts of any image thanks to its double shutter, that allows two frames to combine to create a very realistic picture of the original scene, providing video quality very close to the human eye's ability.

Vivotek Metro TeheranThe IP8335H also features automated shutter control, or P-Iris, high precision thanks to a built-in step motor that keeps the opening at an optimal level at all times.

The IP8371E and IP8335H cameras are housed in weatherproof housings, dustproof and vandal-proof, IP67 rated, suitable for the difficult conditions in this type of construction.

Despite having a very large construction area, the entire network security system installed is controlled from a single location with Vivotek's Vast video management software, offering flexible monitoring of an extensive network of IP cameras in different locations with reduced security personnel, with the ability to add new devices at any time; which means that as the Tehran metro construction project grows or changes, the surveillance system will be able to grow or adapt easily.

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By • 23 Sea, 2015
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