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The security solution that Bosch has provided China Minsheng Bank integrates video surveillance, intrusion detection, Access control, public address and conference systems. All connected and operated through a centralized management platform.

Bosch in Bank China Misheng

Founded in 1996, China Minsheng Bank is the first bank in the country and belongs mostly to non-governmental companies. Its headquarters are located in Shunyi New Town (Beijing), in a building 809.371 square meters which incorporates five towers. Each of them represents a separate building and needed an integrated security solution for all offices.

Bosch Security Systems has provided an integrated security system for these offices comprising surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Access control, PA and Conference Systems. All connected and operated by a central management platform.

Bosch in Bank China Misheng

One of the main challenges was to create a video surveillance solution that understand both analog CCTV systems and IP-based cameras.

Bosch designed a comprehensive solution based on the integration system of buildings BIS, serving as a platform for management and central integration for different security solutions. In Bank Misheng, BIS is used to connect more than 100 systems Access Control, intrusion detection systems and 1.500 video cameras and also integrates voice evacuation system, the PA system and the conference system.

Two of the five towers used analog CCTV, while the other towers are equipped with a digital solution, managed through the video management system from Bosch (BVMS). Both video solutions can be integrated via BIS, so that operators can call a screen real-time monitoring system in the living IP analog controller and vice versa.

Bosch in Bank China Misheng

The BIS is used to integrate five intrusion detection systems with more than 100 alarm zones and allows verification in real time through the video surveillance system.

Digital systems PA and voice evacuation Bosch have been installed to normal operating results and disseminate messages during emergencies. Also, several meeting rooms are equipped with the system Bosch DCN Conference meetings to ensure smooth and comfortable functions for voting and simultaneous interpretation wireless.

With the solution Bosch, Minsheng Bank can manage security and communication systems of the five towers as if they were a single integrated solution, increasing operability.

Bosch in Bank China Misheng

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By • 10 Feb, 2015
• Section: Alarms, Case Studies, Communications, Access control, MAIN FOCUS, Detection, Infrastructure, Intrusion, Networks, CCTV