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The National Immigration Institute of Mexico has relied on management and control software (VMS) Spanish provider of IProNet for monitoring immigration checkpoints at the borders of this country.

IProNet border Mexico

The high traffic of people having Mexico through its border, with special emphasis on the one with the Southern United States, and the need for a mechanism to manage and control the immigration flow and visitor access at their posts were the arguments that led to the INM in this country has to implement an effective system to ensure safety in these areas.

The agency has chosen the company designed by the Spanish security software solution IProNet, consisting of a management and control software network video (VMS) for immigration checkpoints, acting each time a person enters the country through any of its border controls.

This system, based Video Management System software from this supplier, creates a complete record of each person with the extracted data of the passport, the audio of the conversation with the officer, and the video of the scene, that is recorded and is accessible from the Control Center located in Mexico DF.

This project, it is being gradually implemented in all the checkpoints Mexican borders, includes the installation of more than 1.300 surveillance devices centrally managed through the management and control software IProNet.

Another proposal involves short term include additional services to the VMS system, as control immigration fees and alerts, as this provider is already underway in various institutions and sectors to urban security, highways, industries, hospitals, stadiums, etc..

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By • 12 Nov, 2014
• Section: Case Studies, Access control, MAIN FOCUS, Detection, Urban Security, Services