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For the area of ​​the garage has been chosen by the model IP8335H, while for the outside of the IP8332 has been chosen and for the elevators FD8136. Also, Vast are using the software for centralized and efficient management of video. In total, 44 cameras ensure the safety of the building that houses the Fire Department of Sao Paulo.

Vivotek fire of Brazil

The Fire Department of Sao Paulo (Firemen of the State of São Paulo) Brazil has a long history of protecting citizens, charge of civil defense, prevention and fire suppression, search and rescue, and public assistance.

Recently, developed a comprehensive plan to improve and modernize the security of this department. The aim was to optimize the monitoring of the external areas and main entrance, and vigilant in helping their virtual rounds, reduce the risk of attacks from unknown and improve external recording daily activities around the facility.

Distributor Bellfone was the company responsible for the project implementation, alongside local security system installer Invert Systems, who chose technology Vivotek to carry it out. The chambers were supplied by the national distributor of Taiwanese manufacturers in Brazil, Alpha-Digi.

Vivotek fire of BrazilQuality and reliability

To meet the requirements of the security plan have been implemented 44 Vivotek cameras on the inner and outer areas: 11 IP8332 units, 28 IP8335H and 5 equipment FD8136

The chamber type bullet IP8335H network is characterized by its HD WDR CMOS sensor allows operation in low light conditions. The WDR Pro feature of this team uses a technique of double shutter to capture the light and dark regions of the image, which are then combined to produce an image of ultimate realism. The IP8335H model is suitable for high-contrast environments such as parking cars Fire.

Vivotek fire of BrazilThe IP8332 model features removable IR filter and IR illuminators with an effective range of up to 15 meters. Also, The camera is housed in a rugged sealed case to extreme weather conditions, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor applications requiring open angles. This model was installed in several external zons around the building, as well as in the basement.

The FD8136 model is a fairly small camera fixed dome network, with selectable focal length and feature Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing quick and easy installation. It's the ideal camera for tight spaces or closed, and lifts.

Vivotek fire of BrazilVivotek Vast of the software was also installed for centralized and efficient management of video. With its intuitive functions and numerous features, the 44 cameras are administered within a hierarchical structure that allows monitoring, recording, breeding and management event trigger using a simple and efficient control panel.

Following the renewal of the security system of the department, staff has stressed the success of the project and the substantial improvement of safety in their facilities. The guards on duty have access to all areas of the building from the control room, which facilitates the identification of weak points that require special attention.

Vivotek fire of Brazil

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By • 3 Nov, 2014
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