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The imminent conclusion of the World Cup Brazil 2014 has launched a security operation and unprecedented surveillance. Twelve Integrated Command and Control Centers (CICC) in the host cities of the event and work to ensure the protection of participating teams, visitors and facilities.

Center Control Rio de Janeiro

The 12 June, date on which the World Cup Brazil 2014 will begin, also be the time when the security operation deployed in twelve venues in which the sporting event is held, each of which has an Integrated Command and Control Center (CICC) are at the highest level of performance and monitoring.

CICC These are in turn connected with the national, one located in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, responsible for facilitating the exchange of operational information security and video surveillance in high-definition all venues Brazil World Cup.

Central control Brasil2014

The operation planned by the Brazilian government to ensure the safety of the World Cup 2014, the largest to date in a championship of Fifa, mobilization provides 170.000 police and soldiers, with an investment of more than 1.900 million reais (about 619 million).

All CICC monitored 24×7 the intelligent analysis data security deployed at each site of the World Cup 2014, where the surveillance cameras and the public security system and integrated mobility.

Besides the IP cameras deployed in stadiums, another of the leading technologies for accessing documents is with fingerprint biometrics (primarily designed for each selection swollen or 'twisted', as is known in Brazil), so that at each instant the CICC headquarters will have detailed information of the person who enters the stadium.

In this sense, the so-called Brazil Insurance Consortium has selected the IP network equipment and communication specialist Extreme Networks management infrastructure during the twelve CICC global.

Porto Alegre Brasil2014 control center

CICC Porto Alegre

For coverage of the Beira-Rio stadium, one of the venues for the World Cup in five games which will be held, and the city of Porto Alegre, the CICC located in this location will be responsible for monitoring 2.100 cameras deployed along the streets and in the stadium, turn connected to central state control.

From this environment control and monitoring, hace un mes opened only, also coordinate the actions of public security, emergency and defense during this sporting event.

The operating room of Porto Alegre CICC has a videowall comprised 56 monitors, each of which has a screen 55 ", what more than sixty work stations equipped with a computer with two screens added for technicians to reproduce and analyze 24×7 any of the images that capture the surveillance cameras distributed by four different points of the city.

Center control BrasiliaThe video wall is connected to the surveillance system of the city and the stadium, addition to communication tools and maps of the twelve venues of the World Cup Soccer, and training venues and accommodation of the teams in the same; information received from each of the CICC and 36 observation decks in height.

Images recorded in Porto Alegre CICC will be stored for a period of sixty days, for what has nearly 270 servers and storage systems.

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By • 9 June, 2014
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