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The Telecommunications Technology Centre of Galicia Videoguard involved in the project, coordinado by Coremain, to develop a video surveillance system adapted to the marine environment to detect and prosecute poaching in Vigo, Also participating in Retegal, Bets y TRC.

VideoGuard Vigo

Detect and prosecute poaching in Galicia, specifically in Vigo, It is the aim of the project Videoguard, Smart technology that uses image analysis for video surveillance adapted to the marine environment under low or no visibility.

In this project, coordinated by the Spanish technology consulting firm Coremain, participates Telecommunication Technology Center of Galicia (Gradiant – Galician Research and Development Center in Advanced Telecomunications), and public telecommunications company Retegal, design specialist, installation and maintenance of security systems and telecommunications Bastet engineering and the integrator and technology developer TRC.

Port of VigoThe project Videoguard, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through program funds Feder Galicia Interconnects 2012-2014, focuses on the development of a platform for intelligent video analysis specially adapted to marine environments, specifically, as applied in coastal surveillance for the prevention and prosecution of poachers fishing and shellfishing.

Other challenges, developments focus on testing the feasibility of a deployment of long-range surveillance, taking advantage of the available infrastructure in the area.

A technological level, the main objective of the project is the research and development of analysis algorithms adapted to natural environments, mainly to video surveillance from land and coastal marine environments, systems that support the high variability of this environment and the low resolution of the objects in the image under conditions of very low or no visibility.

Port of VigoIn this sense, they are researching and developing new detection algorithms, classification and track objects in video based on the use of thermal image , suitable for the specific case of boats and people in these scenarios, poaching and usually occurs at night, or in low visibility conditions, low light, what weather conditions are adverse add.

This consortium, coordinated by Coremaint and in collaboration with Gradiant, which made available to the project its developments in intelligent video analysis and monitoring, about optimizing technologies and video surveillance recording systems with new detection algorithms, sorting and moving objects with thermal infrared cameras, hitherto offer low image resolution.

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By • 14 Oct, 2013
• Section: Case Studies, Control Systems, Equipment test, Networks, Urban Security, CCTV