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The manufacturer of IP surveillance solutions, Vivotek, has added to its range of cameras 5 IP8172 megapixel models and IP8172P, box type two devices that offer full HD 1080p image quality up 30 fps and come to complete the new range of security cameras 5 megapixel Taiwanese company, which also includes models fisheye, tional phy type y Bala.

Vivotek has announced its first box cameras of 5 megapíxeles IP8172 and IP8172P (with P-iris lens). These box cameras 5 supplied megapixel Full HD 1080p to meet the needs of the most demanding surveillance applications. With the introduction of the IP8172 models and IP8172P, Vivotek now encompasses a full line of security cameras 5 megapixel, which also includes models fisheye, tional phy type y Bala.

IP8172P new Vivotek IP8172 and professional cameras box are offered 5 Megapixel or 1080p Full HD resolution with image quality up 30 FPS. With 5 megapixel resolution and compression technology H.264 / MPEG-4 / MJPEG high performance, IP8172P the IP8172 and offer extra-smooth video and extensive coverage.


In addition to its video capabilities of high resolution, new Vivotek cameras offer a full range of other features to improve image quality and extend the functionality. The integrated assistance approach allows users to accurately adjust focus, while the P-iris lens of IP8172P uses a stepping motor built to keep the lens iris opening at an optimum even when lighting conditions change, for clarity and depth of top field. Both models provide improved WDR to ensure that the detail is captured in the entire field of vision, even when both brilliant as dimly lit areas are present. Support multiple flows, SD storage card / SDHC / SDXC, and recording software 32 channels add even more attractive to these cameras.

The principal business of brand Vivotek, William Ku, has declared: “We are pleased to offer our customers these new cameras. The incredible Full HD picture quality will make the most demanding surveillance applications such as monitoring crowds in open spaces such as train stations or shopping centers, it is much easier and reliable. And we are equally pleased that the IP8172 and IP8172P now complete our line of security solutions 5 megapixels.”

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By • 16 Nov, 2012
• Section: CCTV