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Honeywell has added video capabilities to your system access control NetAXS-123, an independent solution, compact and comprehensive level functions designed to simplify access control for small and more affordable. It is the first system in the industry that offers video without DVR or NVR.

Honeywell has added features to its advanced video access control system NetAXS-123, offering owners of small and medium enterprises with a new option to improve the safety of buildings. The NetAXS-123 Honeywell solution is the first access control technology of its kind that provides monitoring without requiring a digital video recorder (DVR) recorder or network (NVR), making it perfect for small businesses such as pharmacies, Clinical health care centers.

Instead of DVR or NVR, the system allows companies to store recordings on USB storage devices. Also, while most video systems recorded continuously, NetAXS-123 has the function of recording event-based, which means that users can configure the system to record only certain events as enforced access control doors, or someone trying to enter the premises with an invalid card. The technology significantly reduces the amount of time and effort required to configure the entire system through its ability to automatically detect the cameras connected to the system, screens and intuitive, easy-to-use configuration.

René of Franquemont, Product Manager at Honeywell Security Group, indicated: "Small businesses need effective security as large companies, tailored to your resources and your needs. These small businesses and organizations should not have to sacrifice their protection as new video capabilities NetAXS-123 provide the kind of security that would in large installations, but at a much lower total cost ".

NetAXS-123 is an access control system based on Web designed to protect facilities with less than three doors. The panel offers the possibility of connection supports Ethernet and USB storage devices, as well as Power over Ethernet capability (PoE) to reduce installation costs and eliminate the need for cable runs to power the unit. The compact, modular design allows companies to make a matching their needs and expand quickly and easy installation as needs change. The new optional video kit allows customers to use live video to monitor its facilities with the same NetAXS-123 web interface and visually confirm access control events.

Easy installation and user training offered by the system, and the minimum necessary sales support, system makes the perfect solution for installers of security systems that want to expand their business with access control technology.

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By • 6 Nov, 2012
• Section: Access control