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Almost 600 have the eyes to see Malaga Metro everything that happens inside the tunnels of the underground. As many as cameras will be installed in each and every one of the underground stations of the urban railway and in the 14 trains to units, Once culminated in its integrity infrastructure, they will tour the almost 14 kilometers of network which will be equipped with the capital of the Costa del Sol.

The Metro de Málaga will feature more of 400 security cameras installed in the stations that make up the layout of the two lines of the suburban malagueño, to which are added the 12 that will benefit each train unit: two front, four side and six on the inside of the train itself, What is the incorporation of a total of 168 more cameras.

To learn about the technical suitability of the cameras available, video surveillance tests performed at the station door-white, belonging to the line 2 (Palais des sports - the island) the metropolitan railway, in coordination with members of the national police. The tests have served, also, to check the functioning of the system of closed-circuit television (CCTV), that includes recorders, display jobs, cameras and cabling.

The implementation of these trials has been carried out after incorporating a number of improvements observed as a result of a technical meeting held at the end of the year passed between Metro de Málaga, the Agency of public works of the Government of Andalusia and the national police. Through these tests the police may issue an assessment of the security system to be installed at all stations that make up the metro network, infrastructure promoted by the Ministry of public works and housing.

Recording and Viewing

The operation of the system distinguishes between recording and viewing, functions performed independently and from different positions. Each of the stations will have a recorder that stored the images during 30 days, period after which it will be deleted automatically, except that we have to store them so that they are used by the police or by injunction. All the recorders are connected with each other and with the central control station, from where the metro service will be managed in real time. If that fails the recorder of any of the stations, the images will be transmitted automatically to any of the adjacent stations.

Also, each station will possess a place of viewing images, which will allow that you can access them both live and in a way stored from any point of the metro network. For his part, check the abrasives will feature a room of moviola that will be at the disposal of the forces and the State security bodies.

The system chosen for the surveillance of the safety of the infrastructure will be three types of cameras with different resolutions: of 2,1 megapixel for public areas and access to stations, of 1,3 outdoor focusing on elevators and 0,5 for restricted access spaces.

Cameras are IP technologies and have centralized the quarter of communications with the station itself. They are fixed-rate cameras, able to perform digital zoom on the display or on the recorded image. White door station will have a total of 27 cameras, of which 18 will be placed in public areas and entrances to the station, six restricted access to public spaces and three elevators inside.


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By • 10 Apr, 2012
• Section: General