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JVC has released recently a comprehensive and innovative line of professional cameras, composed of four new ranges of analog cameras and IP CCTV technology and SuperLolux Lolux, in a variety of models, designed to provide system solutions for broadcast applications, industrial and safety.

JVC Professional Europe has added to its catalog four new lines of CCTV cameras, including innovative analog and IP products, Suitable for a wide range of applications and environments. As a manufacturer of innovative video surveillance cameras, JVC is well positioned to supply CCTV cameras that provide higher quality images. In these analog and IP cameras professionals have built a number of key technological developments, including H.264 High Profile and Super LoLux technology, all with high quality construction.

HD Cameras Super LoLux

The HD Super LoLux cameras combine a high performance DSP CMOS sensors providing HD resolution 1920×1080 and offer multi-codec support, including MJPEG, MPEG-4 y H.264 High Profile. The new cameras, -A variety of box models, integrated lens, mini-house, outer dome and housing- JVC Super LoLux incorporate HD technology to achieve the sensitivity of the CCD brand models, plus the new image processing Clear Logic Video Intelligence (C.L.V.I.) which compensates the backlight and digitally removes the fog or smoke to get a clearer picture.

Other features include auto back focus, SD card recording, motion detection, privacy mask and a variety of video analysis functions built, including detection of active manipulation and detection of audio. The cameras meet the standards ONVIF and PSIA network cameras, and a wide variety of leading software platform video management software (VMS), including Milestone XProtect. MTBF 90.000 hours reliability proves.

• Resolution Full HD CMOS sensor through 1080p
• Models box, Bullet, integrated and mini-dome (inner and outer dome)
• Performance Super LoLux HD low light
• Minimum Illumination: 0.15 Lux in color and 0,025 lux in black and white
• Códec Super LoLux H.264 High Profile
• triple Distribution, double and a single stream
• Clear Logic Video Intelligence
• Detailed Help approach focusing mechanism
• Motion detection
• ExDR (extended dynamic range)
• 3D noise reduction
• Power options PoE or 24 In

HD Cameras LoLux

The new range of cameras offers LoLux HD CMOS sensor with 1080p recording on SD card and compatibility with ONVIF. There are three models in the range LoLux: chamber box, indoor mini-dome indoor and outdoor mini-dome rated IP66, each with digital noise reduction 2D, motion detection, wide dynamic range, alarm and audio support.

• Sensor CMOS de 1080p
• Models box and mini-dome (Indoor and outdoor dome)
• HD integrated varifocal lenses (domes only)
• True Day / Night with IR LED (only in outdoor dome)
• SD card recording
• DNR 2D
• IP66 and vandal protection (outdoor dome)
• Power options PoE or 12 / 24V

Cameras Super LoLux 2

Thanks to the Super LoLux technology 2, new analog cameras offer exceptional performance and accurate color reproduction, even light levels near zero. The range consists of two chambers box type 1/3″, one box camera 1/2″ and two dome cameras. The high-resolution images 600 DSP controlled TVL 14 second generation bit, maintain clear images.

And to meet the demands of modern traffic control, The TK-9510 camera has Clear Logic Video Intelligence, that automatically adapts to provide crisp, clear images in bad weather. The cameras also have the function ExDR (Extended Dynamic Range) More, allowing them to clearly show individuals and characteristics in foreground, even when they are in front of a bright background. With a MTBF of 77 to 93.000 hours, and energy consumption by 40% lower than conventional models, You can trust these cameras, whatever the conditions.

• 600 TVL DSP second generation of 14-bit
• Models box and mini-dome (inner and outer dome)
• Low Light Performance Super LoLux 2
• Minimum Illumination: 0,025 Lux in color and 0,015 lux in black and white
• Clear Logic Video Intelligence (Only in TK-C9501E / TK-C9511EG)
• Detailed Help approach focusing mechanism
• Motion detection
• ExDR (Expanded Dynamic Range)
• 3D Noise Reduction
• Area White Balance
• Mode LCD / CRT
• Privacy masking
• Powered by network or adapter (12/24V the 230VAC)

LoLux IR Cameras

Two new analog CCTV cameras low light have been developed to meet the demands of low light applications, combining high-resolution images with the latest LED technology integrated IR. Type LoLux IR bullet camera TK-T8101WPRE for outdoor mini dome camera TK-T2101RE Lolux IR Indoor supplied 600 TVL, day / night real, WDR easy and DSP 10 bits, offering an excellent price / performance. Both models come with a range of useful security features, including motion detection, Privacy Mask and IR cut filter, while automatic compensation for extreme high light white light is perfect for changing conditions.

• Sensor CMOS de tipo 1/3
• Models bullet types, mini-dome
• 600 TVL
• IR LED and IP66 rated (only the type bullet)
• Minimum Illumination: 0.02 lux color
• True Day / Night with IR cut filter
• Distance IR: TK-T8101WPRE 20m / TK-T2101RE 15 m
• Facil WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
• Digital Noise Reduction
• Motion detection
• White Balance: ATW / Manual / User / Push / Push lock
• Powered by adapter 12 / 24V

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By • 9 Apr, 2012
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