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Visiotech, wholesale company specializing in video surveillance products, has released new application iDMSS Plus (iPhone/iPad) y gDMSS Plus (Android) for videograbadores Dahua-NextVision, with remote video playback and push.

The wholesale distribution company specializing in CCTV systems and surveillance cameras, Visiotech, has announced the availability of the new DMSS application for remote visualization and VCRs DahuaNextVision on mobile devices. The application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android and displays real-time images from cameras connected to the DVR from anywhere at any time, provided that the mobile device possesses a 3G data connection or wifi.

IPhone application called iDMSS Plus HD for iPad iDMSS, and can be downloaded directly from Apple Store. By suparte, Android application called gDMSS Plus and can be downloaded from Android Market.

This new application, which replaces the DMSS, maintains the same interface, corrects errors and has new features that will enhance your mobile experience remote access and management of our VCRs Dahua-NextVision.

The 5 main functions of the previous application remain, interesting improvements:

  • List of Devices: It allows to add different video recorders with only specify the IP address of the recorder, VCRs and edit already added.
  • Device Folder Favorites: Channels will now include those devices that you access most frequently for immediate viewing.
  • Live Display: To select any channel and any device to see the images in full screen or 4 channels on a single screen.
  • Local Configuration: Adjust the moving speed of the PTZ and password to access the application.
  • Application Information: Specific information on the improvements in this new version.

And add other 4 functionalities: Playback, List of Events, Channel configuration and Setup Push Video.

The Playback allows you to view existing recordings for a specific video recorder. Simply select the time interval (start date and end date) where you want to view recordings, and VCR channel that interests. Automatically program the video is downloaded and can play, having a time bar to go to the exact time of the recording you want.

The Channel Configuration configuration allows for video streaming (stream secundário, for remote viewing) any of the DVRs that are discharged, and modify these parameters (resolution, frame rate, type of bit rate and quality). Thanks to this, can be set at all times and remote, the video stream itself and adapt to bandwidth, order to get better performance.

The List of Events and Push Video Configuration are two new options that take advantage of the latest functionality added to the Dahua DVRs-NextVision: Push Notification. From now, DVRs can be configured so that when an event occurs that you want to have instant notification (alarm, movement, etc.), the VCR will send an alert of type Push to mobile devices that have enabled this option. These notifications are free, received in the smartphone iPhone / iPad / Android type and are similar to notices received by other applications like WhatsApp. They use the data network and the user immediately receives your smartphone or tablet. In the list of events you can access all notifications received and Push Video Configuration can turn this option on all VCRs have been discharged.

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By • 2 Apr, 2012
• Section: General