Nahdi Care Clinic LDA Audio Tech

The public address and voice evacuation project deployed in this medical center is based on the NEO system 8060 of LDA Audio Tech, EN54 certificate, with NEO Extension and managed with NEO Control software.

Located in the Saudi city of Jeddah (Jeddah), The clinic Nahdi Care offers medical care in different areas, as pediatrics, cardiology, endocrinology, dentistry, Etc. and has completed a project to improve its public address system and voice evacuation.

Nahdi Care Clinic LDA Audio TechThe chosen solution is formed by the teams EN54 certificates, manufactured by the Spanish company LDA Audio Tech. Specifically,, the clinic has a system NEO 8060 With NEO Extension, all managed through the software NEO Control of this company.

The installation also has multi-source players RCD-21R for the broadcast of ambient music and radio in the clinic, along with several public address stands MPS-8Z for the launch and scheduling of public address messages and voice evacuation.

To this is added the deployment of a hundred speakers, also from LDA Audio Tech, distributed by the main spaces of the Nahdi Care clinic.

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By • 16 Aug, 2022
• Section: Case studies, HIGHLIGHTED CASE STUDY, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Evacuation