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Biamp NPX Avit Vision

The new NPX warning stations of Biamp are compatible with their Tesira and Cambridge Qt X ranges, eliminating the cost and complexity of integrating enterprise and emergency public address systems.

The NPX line of Biamp offers a practical functionality of paging that can be integrated into systems Tesira manufacturer's, providing an easy-to-use ecosystem of networked public address and announcements.

Biamp NPX consists of four models: G1040, four-button with gooseneck microphone; G1100, ten-button with gooseneck microphone; H1040, four-button with handheld microphone, And H1100, ten-button with handheld microphone.

Biamp solutions for warning systems and public address systems are now available in Spain through the network of integrators of AVIT Vision.

Features of Biamp NPX

  • Native integration with Tesira and Qt X.
  • Four- or ten-button versions.
  • Available with gooseneck or handheld microphones
  • Compatible with Biamp AVB and Dante on every device.
  • Sixteen warning priority levels.
  • Message upload or direct recording to the warning station for convenient playback.
  • PoE Power.
  • Integrated DSP.
  • Playback configured with the Tesira event scheduler.
  • Until 999 warning codes.
  • Default and customizable preambles.
  • Security code per button.
  • Possibility of mounting on the table or on the wall for greater installation flexibility.
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By • 22 Dec, 2021
• Section: Alarms, Evacuation