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Bosch at IncarPalm

The carton industry IncarPalm has installed an infrastructure for fire detection, based on IP cameras with integrated video analytics Bosch Aviotec.

The new infrastructure, technology-based Bosch Aviotec, for the detection of fires that has been installed in the carton industry IncarPalm in Ecuador it is being carried out in three phases. This is one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated cartons based in Machala, the capital of the banana trade in Ecuador.

Its robust material forms the basis of the protective boxes, that are used to store and distribute delicate products safely. This includes bananas, but also other fruits, seafood and flowers. The company plays a key role in the supply chain of these products. Any alteration in its reliability would represent a great commercial risk..

Manufacturing plants in the pulp and paper industry must be aware of fire hazards. An entire business could turn to smoke if ignition signals are not immediately detected.

Bosch at IncarPalm

The IncarPalm corrugated cardboard factory houses industrial machinery for large quantities manufacturing. Its paper-based raw materials generate dry environmental conditions, dusty and highly flammable.

The company had fire detection equipment installed at its headquarters., but located mainly near the offices. In recent years, local legal requirements were updated in collaboration with fire protection services.

This made the certification, demonstrating compliance with specific fire safety standards, is mandatory for industrial plants. IncarPalm found the solution to its safety requirements in Bosch technology.

Bosch at IncarPalm

IP video cameras

In collaboration with Alberto Serrano, project engineer Adeatel, local partner of Bosch Building Technologies, a plant evaluation and design of an intelligent fire safety solution was carried out.

The factory had technology installed BVMS de Bosch, three installation phases were then established to integrate intelligent surveillance.

For several months, video cameras, powered by Aviotec algorithms, were integrated as phase one to cover raw material stocks, IncarPalm machines and end products with sensitive flame and smoke monitoring.

Bosch at IncarPalm

"Design and implement a fire detection system, through video analysis, it has been a very satisfactory achievement. Being able to count on different technologies that generate a high added value for our client reinforces us as certified installers, and encourages us to promote these alternatives in the local market", explains Alberto Serrano, Adeatel Project Engineer.

The factory area in Machala generates a high volume of dust and the lighting conditions are quite bad, partly because of this. More specific challenges included vibrations from machinery and piping at headquarters..

Adeatel adapted the position of the cameras and their sensitivity settings to ensure their optimal performance without false alarms.

Live tests showed that the industrial requirement to detect any real fire signs in seconds from the point of ignition was overcome with this rapid customization of Aviotec video cameras..

Phase one covered more than half of IncarPalm's facilities using the video fire detection solution, the first smoke and flame detectors of this type to be installed in Ecuador.

Bosch at IncarPalm

Evolution of the project

Phase two of IncarPalm is still ongoing and involves the installation of others 12 high-tech cameras to monitor the remaining areas of the headquarters.

The company plans to build indoor outdoor storage at its plant. Intelligent algorithms behind the power of Aviotec, together with an infrared illuminator make it the ideal solution for dim light and hours of darkness.

Phase three involves the analysis and installation of smart video cameras to protect personnel and the entire property.

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By • 22 Oct, 2021
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