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Bosch Praesensa

The advanced public address server (APAS) and the advanced public address license (SALW) focus on optimizing the user experience of the operator and administrator of ip-based public address and voice alarm software, Praesensa.

The Advanced Public Address Server Upgrade (APAS) and the advanced public address license (SALW) of Bosch Praesensa focuses on further optimizing the operator and administrator user experience.

This advanced public address solution is specifically developed for receptionists and university managers., Hotels, shopping malls, convention centers and offices that want to inform and entertain their customers and visitors in a professional manner, simple and efficient. Announcements, messages, text-to-speech, music and scheduled events can now be performed efficiently and reliably.

Bosch Praesensa

APAS is a web-based control device for performing advanced public address functions. Control Praesensa with PCs and tablets, via wired or WiFi connection, providing a secure connection to online radio stations for music and text-to-speech converters for warnings. It has an internal library with players for pre-recorded or self-recorded commercial messages and music.

APAL is a user interface software license to run on PCs or tablets. Incorporates advanced functionality for ads, Messages, text-to-speech, Internet radio, music management and scheduled events. One license per operator control device is required to access the advanced public address server. Multiple control devices can share the same server. In addition, different operator profiles are possible per control device with custom user interface.

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By • 21 Sep, 2021
• Section: Alarms, Systems control, Evacuation