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ONE v2 allows you to cascade multiple ONE500 units, through a proprietary UTP wired ring. This means that it supports up to 10 ONE teams forming a system of 5.000 W and 60 Areas. An ideal solution for multi-zone and variable power installations.


The compact EN voice evacuation and public address equipment 54 LDA ONE has evolved to become ONE v2, an expandable system through a proprietary ring with standard UTP wiring. LDA Audio Tech made it possible thanks to an update to its firmware.

blankThe entire one-scaled system will continue to comply with EN 54-16, certified by the notified body Applus+, through each of the teams that are part of it and its cascading functionality approved by this agency.

To implement a ONE v2 system, you only have to use one expansion card per system, adding it only to the master equipment to close the UTP wiring ring.

This new functionality comes through a major firmware update developed by LDA Audio Tech's R&D department, seeking maximum flexibility and adaptation to the needs of international customers.

New ONE equipment coming out of the factory do so with v2 firmware and expandable functionality, while previous equipment can be upgraded while maintaining the same hardware and incorporating an expansion card.

ONE v2 is configured as the ideal system for multi-zone and variable power installations. This is the case with office towers, Schools, medical centers and hotels, where demands go through a scalable and modular solution that does not give up any advanced functionality in terms of safety and reliability.

Thanks to this new firmware, ONE v2 allows you to cascade multiple ONE500 units through a proprietary UTP wired ring. This means that they will be able to connect up to 10 ONE teams forming a system of 5.000 W and 60 Areas.


Easy to set up and flexible

The network topology consists of a master computer and slaves, with a simple disposition. All hardware drives are the same, the computer that has the expansion card connected will be configured with the master role and will automatically search for the other connected devices. The wiring length of the ring covers up to 200 meters per link with a total maximum of 800 Meters.

Each team keeps all ONE features operational in its stand-alone version: EN integrated battery charger 54-4, backup amplifier, routed through priority management and the possibility of A+B speaker lines.


Expansion modules available

The way to turn the ONE500 into a fully functional ONE v2 is to add an expansion card to the master equipment to close the UTP wiring ring. This is the ONE-LOOP module, in mini PCI-e format to connect only on the master computer. I mean, you will need a single card per system.

This module provides redundant communication so that the system is monitored and controlled according to the requirements of the EN standard 54.

LDA Audio Tech has developed two card models: ONE-LOOP04 for up to 4 Equipment, one-LOOP10 for up to 10 Equipment.

Maximum functionality and scalable operability

In its expanded configuration, both the master team and the slaves include up to 6 zones each and 500 Amplification W 100 V, with the ability to play up to two simultaneous audios per computer.

Up to 8 ACSI sources (MPS-8Z microphone or VAP-1 evacuation panel), so these units serve to launch voice messages or pre-recorded messages to any area of the system (teacher or slaves) through keyboard expansions.

The master unit also incorporates a general audio source, available in all slave units, which can be ambient music (Bgm), an analogue microphone or, Even, the mixed signal of both. Both the master team and the slaves also include two local audio sources: one for BGM ambient music and one for microphone or BGM.

All equipment in the system (teachers and slaves) have two playlists with internal pre-recorded messages (EVAC and ALERT) for every 6 Areas.

The integration of the system with fire panels can be done in general in any unit (EMG and RST interface) either zonally, using each of the slave ONE units. Also, each unit can be integrated via MODBUS RTU.

All communication master-slave equipment is secured by the proprietary protocol of the ring, including monitoring of slave teams and reporting of failures and evacuation, among other functions.

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By • 28 Sep, 2020
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