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Composed of five models, the range features acoustic projectors, recessed ceiling and high-quality acoustic surface speakers for public address installations and voice evacuation.

EN Certificates 54-24, like other systems of the Spanish brand LDA Audio Tech, This new range of speakers consists of five models to offer a cost-effective and reliable solution in public address and voice evacuation applications, regardless of the size of the installation.

With optimal acoustic quality and high performance, these certified and exclusive LDA Audio Tech speakers offer a sound pressure level (Spl) excellent in any environment, after a thorough quality control, both by the manufacturer and Applus+ Spain, global recognition body and valid for Civil Defense Middle East, a key market for the company (more details on Digital Security).

The EN ceiling speaker 54-24, metallic body and 3″ for 70/100V lines, offers high quality music and voice playback in a small design for installation in shallow false ceiling, especially suitable for office environments.

It has a fire protection dome and incorporates a ceramic terminal and insulation fuse so that possible damage to the unit does not cause a general failure of the speaker circuit to which it is connected.


Especially suitable for installations that require high durability outdoors or transport networks, For example, en-certified acoustic projector 54-24 PCP-20TN, 5" for high-quality 70/100V lines of music and voice playback, with anti-vandal and fire-protected design with ABSVO and weatherproof envelope.

It also incorporates ceramic terminal and insulation fuse and includes U-bracket in steel, adjustable tilt and easy installation, finished in the same color as the unit.

Among the en-certified speaker range 54-24 the CH-42TN ceiling speaker has been renovated, with 6" driver and metal dome to protect the circuit in case of emergency; the 5" DS-60TN surface model, which can be mounted on roof and walls and has vandal protection and fire protection, as well as the PCM-20TN acoustic projector, with 5" driver in aluminum case with steel grille for durability outdoors, with adjustable tilt U-bracket.

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By • 10 Sep, 2020
• Section: Deep down, Evacuation, Urban security