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This breakthrough, connecting up to ten units with a total power of 5.000 In, es una de las novedades del fabricante en el certamen de seguridad, que se celebra estos días en Ifema – Feria de Madrid.

The compact LDA ONE public address and voice evacuation system, certification to 54, of LDA Audio Tech it is now expandable thanks to a functionality that allows you to connect up to ten units, with a total power of 5.000 In, tal y como el fabricante muestra en SICUR 2020, of 25 to the 28 February at Ifema (pavilion 4 -stand F03), among other new.

With this added feature, LDA ONE continues to improve and becomes an ideal choice for systems that have many areas to cover with little power. During the security event, the LDA Audio Tech team will explain in detail its possibilities and offer demonstrations of the rest of the products in its ranges, following its recent participation in ISA 2020 in Amsterdam with a very positive balance.

LDA ONE is a complete and CERTIFIED EN 54-16 public address, música ambiente y evacuación por voz para todo tipo de instalaciones, que incluye un cargador integrado certificado EN 54-4.

Desde su presentación en el mercado el pasado año, ONE complements NEO's most veteran range, que está también presente en SICUR 2020 como principal producto de la marca.

Also, LDA Audio Tech exhibe en SICUR su gama de altavoces EN 54-24, en la última fase de certificación con Applus+. Among themselves, destacan los modelos CH-32TN de 3”, uno de los altavoces certificados más pequeños del mercado, and PCP-20TN, projector made of high quality ABS plastic, más económico y ligero.

LDA Audio Tech participa SICUR 2020 mientras sigue consolidando su presencia en el sector audiovisual y de sistemas de seguridad a nivel global, following the opening of new commercial offices in countries such as Colombia and Ivory Coast, your projects with EN technology 54 in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America and an expansion plan through strategic partnerships with regional partners.

Among the most outstanding projects of the last year in which LDA Audio Tech technology has been installed are the renovation of the entire EN54 public address system of Ifema, Kigali International Airport in Rwanda, Seville Airport and Nicosia Municipal Theatre, inter alia (más detalles de estos proyectos en Digital Security).

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By • 21 Feb, 2020
• Section: MAIN FOCUS, Evacuation, Events, Business