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The Spanish company has deployed a complete system in this airport facility, with equipment certified according to international standards in 54.

Work of the architect Rafael Moneo and inspired by the culture and architecture traditional Andalusian, the Seville airport receives each year more of 6 million passengers, performs 58.000 operations and sum 12.500 tons of cargo transported, What makes him one of Spain's major airport facilities.

After renewing its facilities on several occasions (the most important was carried out on the occasion of the Expo in Seville in 1992), the airport has had regular updates of their technology systems to provide the best service to its passengers and maximum security at the terminal.

One of the latest renovations has had to the PA system and evacuation system by voice as protagonist, entrusted equipment certified according to international standards in 54 manufactured by LDA Audio Tech.

In order to get to know the needs of the venue prior to the installation of this system, developed an acoustic study with measurements of the sound pressure level (SPL) and intelligibility (STI), as well as another study to verify the installation and make the necessary adjustments to make electroacoustic system complies with the requirements of these parameters.

This has been known precisely the main points to improve and areas of special interest for the installation, providing them with suitable equipment to achieve the best response of the PA in any type of acoustic location system.

This public address and voice evacuation system, certification to 54 and designed by LDA Audio Tech for Seville airport, allows the use of up to 64 channels of audio simultaneously and unlimited audio sources, In addition to its integration with remote evacuation, which facilitates the evacuation by phases in all spaces.

Installed equipment are complemented with a sunset service launched, configuration and training specialized personnel of AENA, who will be responsible for the operational system at the airport. The team of engineering and support of LDA has extensive experience in this type of complex environments for optimal operation of the installation.

Equipment installed at Seville airport:

  • Fully redundant main controller, with two drives NEO-8060, certified according to international standard in 54-16, and backup amplifiers.
    • NEO equipment Extension: four units NEO-8250E, four NEO-4500E and two units NEO-4250E, all certified according to in 54-16.
    • System Control Sime: software platform that enables configuration and centralized installed public address systems and evacuation systems management, from the volume to the functions of emergency management.
    • Function Sime Backup: It allows to work in a fully synchronized with the primary server redundant server. If a problem occurs in the network, backup system takes control and ensures the service at all times.
    • Modules Sime automatic gain control (CAG/AGC), text to speech TTS and integration with the system of automatic messaging from the airport (SAMA).
    • Twenty-two arrays digital ZES-22, with Bus ACSI ZES-22ACSI adapters.
    • Eight EQ-241994 batteries and Chargers four EQ-241977.
    • Two Rack, model RACK-42ALT, the mounting of the equipment.
    • Sources of microphone (thirty microphones A-1; three MCA-8N and fourteen microphone probes) for boarding gate posts, check-in counters and information centres.
    • TFL-2 line terminators.
  • Speakers type column, roof and surface, all certified in 54-24, in response to the acoustic needs of airport:
  • 133 Coaxial two-way ceiling speakers, model SC-95TN.69 IC-825TN column loudspeakers.
  • 15 vandal-proof two-way cylindrical projectors, model PCM-220TN.
  • 14 PCM-20TN vandal cylindrical projectors.
  • 12 surface speaker, model DS-60TN.

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By • 28 June, 2019
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