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This lighting connected to IoT column allows you to integrate control systems, speakers, surveillance cameras, emergency buttons, Chargers for electric vehicles, PA system and CCTV systems.

Schreder Shuffle

Shuffle is a solution developed by Screder whose design is intended to implement a full range of equipment energy efficient outdoor lighting modules and next generation security software.

This solution is more than a column of light that can be integrated control systems, speakers, surveillance cameras, emergency buttons, Chargers for electric vehicles, sensors, signal lights, mobile broadband and WiFi access points.

Schreder Shuffle

By combining these services into a single column, less material is required and the carbon footprint is much smaller. With columns of light already present in the heart of many cities, Campus, commercial and tourist areas, They provide access to pre-approved sites, an available power supply and an infrastructure with regular maintenance.

This set of integrated solutions in a same column allows you to optimize the safety of a wide variety of spaces with applications in cities, different types of infrastructures and leisure centres.

Schreder joins LoRa Alliance

LoRa Alliance

Moreover, Schréder is joined to LoRa Alliance, an organization committed to the Protocol LoRaWAN nonprofit, the main worldwide open standard for connectivity with other devices of IoT lighting, which facilitates the development of intelligent cities.

"Lighting network have a fundamental role to play in the development of the intelligent city of the future. Schreder supports to towns and cities to establish open and interoperable platforms to provide an easy-to-integrate infrastructure, that not only provides operational benefits, but it also improves the quality of life of citizens. Join LoRa AllianceTM ensures that our lighting products can connect to other applications of IoT", says Nicolas Keutgen, Schréder Director of innovation.

IoT applications are being implemented to further reduce the carbon footprint of Led lighting solutions; including the attenuation of the lighting during periods of silence and the use of passive infrared sensors (PIR) to adjust and adapt to the changing circumstances of the environment. Future deployments will include the management of congestion, the priority for emergency services, the smart crowd control and the reduction of air pollution.

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By • 30 Nov, 2018
• Section: Communications, Access control, Control Systems, Infrastructure, Business, Urban Security, CCTV