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The system of control of this concert hall has been modernized with 20 PA and one of evacuation areas. The entire system is managed centrally with LDA NEO Control.

National Auditorium LDA music Madrid

The National Auditorium of music It is the seat of Spain National choir and the Orchestra, of the National Youth Orchestra of Spain and the National Center of Musical diffusion. Its two concert halls, symphonic and Chamber, they have a capacity of over of 3.000 tickets for concerts and musical performances.

In addition to these spaces rooms, It has a general choir room, Assembly Hall, 4 rooms of strings, 14 individual study, recording booth, Press room, two cafes and shop.

National Auditorium LDA music Madrid

To ensure safety in all your events, the auditorium has renewed its evacuation system voice, and, for this, He has counted with the solutions of LDA Audio Tech.

The control system has been modernized according to the requirements of the standard in 54, with 20 PA and one of evacuation areas that incorporate channels of amplification of reservation, power supply batteries and emergency panel. All of this is integrated with the system for the disposal of the premises and according to its emergency plan.

The entire system can be managed so centralized and easily NEO LDA software Control.

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By • 15 Oct, 2018
• Section: Case Studies, Control Systems