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The verison 3.7 Access Professional Edition software (APE) Adds new features, as venues for emergency situations. Also, It improves the administration of rights and the users access data.

Bosch Access Professonal Edition 3.7

Bosch Security optimized ease of operation of their software Access Professional Edition (APE) with the version 3.7. The update adds new features like emergency meeting points and improves the administration of rights and the users access data. Also, It helps companies to comply with the requirements of the General Regulation of protection of data of the Union European (GDPR).

With the new version of this tool for access control, the companies set up easily meeting points where employees can show your card to register as safe during emergencies.

The configuration only requires the installation of a Bosch a secure area access control Reader (mount point) outside the building, which improves the safety of employees during evacuations.

EPR provides a view, real-time, State evacuation so that operators can take immediate action when employees are still inside the building. This feature provides valuable data to improve the security and tranquility of the employees.

The application incorporates the functionality VIP provided, important visitors and CEOs of the company, a special welcome treatment through easily programmable features. With APE 3.7, operators can be assigned output customized to individual users to activate specific functions.

For example, When the President of a company opens a door via card reader, the system displays a specific welcome message, automatically call an elevator or play an audio signal; among many possible configurations for VIP treatments.

Although APE gives users the highest level of access control, some cases require to assign certain doors to a permanent open State. This includes events, where can the guests enter without a logo.

The new version of APE makes simple it as that authorized users can activate or deactivate conveniently the permanently open directly to the reader by presenting your card and entering a PIN code.

To help system operators to ensure that only the people authorised to have certain rights of access, APE 3.7 It allows access to groups of users based on specific criteria. For example to search users by date of last access allows system administrators easily removed the rights of access of multiple users at the same time. To avoid accidentally deleting administrators, their names are not displayed in the list view.

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By • 5 Sep, 2018
• Section: Access control, Control Systems