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This pilot project, based on face recognition, has been developed by Lufthansa with its partner Amadeus.

Lufthansa boarding biometric system

The Lufthansa Group, as part of its continuous efforts to digitize the travel industry, It has launched a biometric facial recognition system to optimize the processes of boarding at airports.

In collaboration with its partner Amadeus, as well as with Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Los Angeles World Airports Authority (LAWA) and Vision Box; This pilot project has been implemented in the Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles International Airport - LAX) with a rate of 350 shipments in twenty minutes.

The operation of this system starts in automatic gates, equipped with sophisticated facial recognition cameras that capture images of the faces of passengers as they approach the device.

This image is sent securely to the CBP database to perform the verification and identification of the passenger in real time. After this, passenger no longer needs to show a boarding pass or passport at the gate card.

Los Angeles International Airport

Due to the ever-increasing passenger volume and the limitations of the airport infrastructure, Biometrics are becoming a key element to speed up airport processes, at the time that ensures the safety and security of passengers.

Amadeus, the supplier of the Lufthansa passenger service system (Altea) that includes the Altéa Departure Control solution, He has been in charge of developing this biometric system along with Lufthansa.

After the Los Angeles test, Lufthansa intends to expand the pilot program to other U.S. gateways, and other points of contact of passengers. The completion of the test will also pave the way for other airlines, they used the Amadeus Altea technology, implement biometric boarding for passengers.

“Biometric boarding has enormous potential to make the travel experience easier and less stressful. Last year, above 1.600 million passengers boarded using the Amadeus Altea technology", explains “, Guido Haarmann, Managing Director, Central & Eastern Europe, Airlines, Amadeus.

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By • 2 Apr, 2018
• Section: Case Studies, Access control, MAIN FOCUS, Detection