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This initiative, that it has the support of Droniberia, sets the path to continue to promote the development of a growing sector in a regulated manner.

Plan Iñigo Drones of the Droniberia Serna

The Association of companies of Drones in Spain (Droniberia) and Advisor of the State Aviation Safety Agency (EFSA) in the Commission's communication and dissemination of the rules, He has attended the recent presentation by the Minister of public works, Íñigo de la Serna, the Strategic Plan for the development of the civilian sector of drones 2018-2021.

This plan defines and directs the current framework for action with the aim that the companies in the sector to position Spain as an international reference in this growing environment, to "make fundamental identifying and structuring the levers to make these forecasts, putting at the service of citizens the advantages offered by the use of drones and their applications", running from Droniberia.

Plan Iñigo Drones of the Droniberia SernaDe facto, the growth of the sector of drones has led EASA to registration of almost 3.000 operators and 74 schools approved for the course of pilots of drones, According to the data provided by this entity, to the point that today there are more than 3.754 pilots and 4.375 aircraft equipped for professional use.

Cross-cutting and multidisciplinary character, the Strategic Plan for the development of the Civil Sector of Drones 2018-2021 It defines and directs the operational framework to improve competitiveness and the leadership of the companies in the sector, so that, "for years they can be strengthened, mature and grow, positioning to Spain as international reference in this field", for which four strategic axes are established, It is structured in eight lines of action and twenty-nine initiatives.

Plan Iñigo Drones of the Droniberia SernaThe first axis is framed within the regulatory scope, with the aim of achieving a quick and efficient implementation of the regulations approved last December, as well as the elaboration of a European regulation (currently in the definition phase).

This area highlights the free web application developed by Enaire, offering help to pilots and aircraft manned by remote control operators (RPAS), by providing data and aeronautical information (the flight plan, read warnings and alerts in advance to fly a drone knowing areas to avoid, etc.) it facilitate the identification of possible restrictions to fly drones in a particular airspace according to the legislation in force.

Most broad-spectrum, the second axis encompasses actions that pursue the strengthening and growth of the companies in this environment, through the promotion of r & d in the sector. The third focuses on improving knowledge of an industry that goes far beyond the traditional aerospace, through the corresponding tasks of management for their knowledge and disclosure.

The last axis involves actions of coordination between the different administrations involved in all drones levels, covering aspects such as security operations with these devices, the protection of privacy, etc..

Droniberia Jose Antonio alvarezThe drones will have to be part of the new technological ecosystem, where technologies like big data, IoT or artificial intelligence acquire increasingly more important role in society and, thus, "the development of the sector has to be necessarily linked with one decides to bet on innovation", ambitious and avant-garde, to consider to the drone as a key element integrated in our day to day", They point out from this Association".

In this sense, and as noted by the Secretary general of Droniberia, Jose Antonio Alvarez (in the image above), "the Administration has taken an important step and Aesa has opened its doors in working committees all actors linked to the growth of the sector and has enabled us to do things that were previously prohibited. Also, for 2021 We hope a European regulation which will further organize the sector. It is our responsibility to ensure that Spain is at the forefront of these advances".

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By • 23 Sea, 2018
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