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The main Montevideo football stadiums have installed a system of video surveillance and access control for facial recognition, It is managed from a monitoring centre equipped with VX2475SHML - 4 K and ViewSonic VA2407H screens.

ViewSonic Montevideo football stadiums

The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) along with the main football clubs, the Club Nacional de Football and Club Atlético Peñarol hired the firm Home & Office Uruguay (H&O) to implement a system of video surveillance and facial recognition in the main stadiums of football of Montevideo.

ViewSonic Montevideo football stadiumsIn order to meet the needs and guidelines outlined by the AUF, H&Or you have installed an access control system for facial recognition and an integrated camera video surveillance system, located in entries and grandstands, to control as minimally invasive the problem of security and violence in stadiums.

Is controlled from a monitoring center that is equipped with screens VX2475SHML - 4K, for specific identification, and VA2407H, for general monitoring cameras, of ViewSonic.

ViewSonic Montevideo football stadiums"One of the main focuses of the company is to enter into the field of video surveillance and with this project, we have opened the doors", says Mark walls, ViewSonic for Uruguay and Paraguay Territory Manager.

The biggest challenge for H&Or it was to find computers with the best possible solution at a reasonable cost and which work consistently if the implemented system is to be solid. Monitors were to provide connectivity for HDMI, support Vesa, an optimal image quality and resolution, and is reliable.

ViewSonic Montevideo football stadiums"Probably with any monitor we had obtained visibility, but we would be interested in finding a team with excellent durability on the screen and we believe that ViewSonic was the best choice", explains Diego Di Bello, CEO of H&O.

"To find an alternative to the difficulties we were having, We seek to implement a robust and efficient solution which involved the combination of high-fidelity surveillance cameras, facial recognition and monitoring centers software. After you have installed this solution, ViewSonic teams, We have experienced a significant reduction in incidents", says Ignacio Alonso, Member of the Executive Council of the AUF.

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By • 13 Sea, 2018
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