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Designed for use in car parks, traffic control on roads and rail transport management, This solution allows access to driver and vehicle management, regardless of the weather conditions.

Deister Electronic Transpeed

The German manufacturer of automation and security solutions, Deister Electronic It has launched the Spanish market Transpeed long-range identification system, a solution that has been designed for the management of access to drivers and vehicles regardless of weather conditions.

It is aimed to be used in car parks, at the roadblock and traffic management. The technology can also be used in rail transport, in city with limited access centers, airports, as well as toll roads.

Deister Electronic raised Transpeed with an easy to use interface, in which large LEDs and the crisp acoustic signals offer the user a clear optical and visual response. On the other hand, dual technology enables access control for vehicles and pedestrians with a single card. Both technologies can be integrated into the same transponder and offer the maximum range.

Transpeed has been developed to be compatible with other control systems since it offers numerous interfaces, Although it can also be used as stand-alone solution. Is available a wide range of transponders, including those resistant to the development of heavy duty, stickers for windshield and ISO cards.

The solution is characterized by its security since it has a vignette of special design, which in combination with the smart frame of Deister Electronic, It guarantees the protection of data and avoids the risks of manipulation. Thanks to the compact design with integrated antennas, readers can feed with an electric cable and data normal and connected through a plug.

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By • 14 Feb, 2018
• Section: Access control, Urban Security