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Systems PA system and evacuation by voice of the mainline stations will be based on the NEO systems. Also, There will be a control center in Gaborone with a center console with a microphone and a solution with matrix ZES 22, RCD-21 audio and amplifier STV player 2800.

LDA Botswana railway

The Botswana Railways network It is a vital artery of the railway systems in the South of the African continent. Its location and connections with the other operators in the area become more comfortable transport medium, reliable and efficient area.

It consists of almost 900 kilometers with gauge Cape (1.067 mm) and their main line runs through the South-Eastern part of the country along the 640 kilometers, from Mahikeng (South Africa) up to Plumtree (Zimbabwe) Lobatse-through, Gaborone, Mahalapye, Palapye, Serule and Francistown.

LDA PCM-20TThis line serves both freight and of passengers, After a hiatus in its operation was resumed in March of 2016 with two night routes and one day in the Botswana Railways Express.

Public address and voice evacuation systems, still in phase of installation, they will have the technology of LDA Audio Tech in the six main line stations.

The project will have a control center in Gaborone has a central console with microphone and a NEO system with matrix ZES 22, RCD-21 audio and amplifier STV player 2800.

LDA CH-42TEach of the other five stations will have a complete installation NEO that will cover their corresponding area of independently, and two of them will be equipped as well as auxiliary amplifier to get extra power.

The management of the system will be made by software cloud Sime Control and through Ethernet networks. Thus programmed messages may be issued, live and pre-recorded audio to custom ads, In addition to ensuring security in cases of emergency evacuation.

Emission clarity and intelligibility of messages will be guaranteed by CH-42T ceiling speakers and projectors cylindrical vandal PCM-20T on walls and exterior.

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By • 13 Nov, 2017
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