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The new update of SurveOne management system is a web based tool with which it is possible to monitor the entire infrastructure through a web browser. Also, also streamlines Setup, Update and maintenance of cameras and NVR.

Surveon updated SurveOne, a tool based on web that offers an easy way to manage a video surveillance system in real time, allowing you to check your status remotely through your browser using http.

While that has network connectivity, users can monitor the status of the local or remote system and ensure its stability. SurveOne provides graphical information, including the State of the NVR, network connectivity, storage, and the status of the Chambers. Thus, If you have any impact this can be resolved efficiently.

Moreover, It provides three groups of event logs: critical error, error and warning. Thus, users can identify the priority of the facts and act accordingly. Designed for easy setup, deployment and maintenance, SurveOne allows you to make settings of NVR once like cameras and save it as backup to simplify subsequent processes.

Apart from monitoring in real time the State of the system, SurveOne 1.2 allows you to download the firmware for USB, later, making updates or adjustments of the equipment, What increases the efficiency in terms of configuration and maintenance. Offers users great convenience to keep track of the status of the system and correct errors prior to receiving notification of customers.

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By • 14 Feb, 2017
• Section: Control Systems, CCTV