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This safety device, that can locate it in a point of light outside and has with a powerful focus of lighting Led, incorporates an algorithm smart to detect and distinguish of way accurate people, vehicles and animals in real time.


The Chamber of foreign security Presence as the French manufacturer Netatmo just of present in the market Spanish integrates a sensor's video's 4 megapixels and captures images with a resolution of 1,920×1.080p to provide a field of view of 100 °.

Differential functions of this device is the incorporation of a learning algorithm that can detect and differentiate between people, vehicles and animals, and provide a monitoring more efficient outdoors in real time, avoid sending the user confusing notifications.

netatmo-presenceAs explained by Fred Potter, founder and CEO of Netatmo, "camera Presence instantly detects suspicious situations and sends notifications through the application to the smartphone, Tablet or device of the user, receiving alerts clear view person, vehicle seen or animal seen, and you can customize notifications according to their needs and define up to four areas of detection".

Presence also has a display infrared for night surveillance of up to 15 metres away and external protection HZO.

Another of its advantages is that it also incorporates a 12W Led spotlight, adjustable intensity , its a point of outside light mount, that is adapted to the environment without the user it note, that can connect is to the network WiFi of the installation.


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By • 29 Nov, 2016
• Section: CCTV