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Equipped with the versatility and robustness needed to operate reliably in surveillance on board applications, This equipment, designed with a robust housing, incorporates the processor Intel i7-3517UE. You can connect to multiple IP cameras to view real time resolutions of up to 1080 p to 450 FPS and record images or displays them live.


The MXNVR-RO-T is a network video recorder (NVR) industrial type Moxa been designed to be used in applications of surveillance in trains. Built with a robust casing and optimized, This on-board surveillance equipment incorporates the Intel processor i7-3517UE and a powerful software designed both for recording images to display live.

The MXNVR-RO-T can connect to multiple IP cameras to view in real-time at 720 p (1.280×720) and speeds of up to 120 FPS for a ¼ cameras, Although you can also record 1080 p (1.920×1.080) to 450 FPS.

To ensure their suitability for use in trains, the MXNVR-RO-T is equipped with an interface ' Driver View' easy of use to view images of video and the State of the camera, to identify problems and react as soon as possible. The accuracy and security of a recorded file is often a higher priority in mission-critical applications, is by this that this NVR incorporates a mechanism of protection of signature digital that is active when it records a sequence of video.

MXNVR-RO-T works with temperatures ranging between -40 and 70 °C. It has no fan or heater and is protected against power surges. Is also compatible with the essential standard sections IN 50155 standard for materials used in railway applications. These characteristics of quality industrial give to this team the versatility and robustness required for run of form reliable in applications demanding aboard.

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By • 25 Nov, 2016
• Section: Computer Security, CCTV