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This system, called μAccess (Microaccess), It can be integrated into any video entry and requires only an Android app, tag or card to use the smarphone as system access and control key for opening doors.


The Spanish technological company Idtronica systems has applied the technology wireless to the field of the home automation to improve the safety and the accessibility with μAccess (Microaccess), access control based on NFC technology (Near Field Communication), enabling open doors from mobile phones through an app (Android system), card key ring or tag; the same technology that use banks for payment with smartphone.

µAccess access control works mobile approaching a video entry control, like a conventional key in buildings, offices and homes. The company has created this simple and secure system in order to avoid problems in case of loss or theft, short-term rentals and improve the accessibility of groups with special needs.

idtronica-systems-uaccesAs explained from Idtronica systems, "we always want to protect our facility rentals with great rotation, where sometimes is security low, so having control of access with NFC technology is ideal, rather than deliver the key. Also, There are people with difficulties to insert a key into the lock, Rotate and push the door, by what a product like this is suitable also to improve the accessibility of certain collective, "as people older or with any disability".

µAccess is composed of a reader and an application of mobile identification that allows replace conventional cards and use the mobile phone as a tool of access in different types of facilities. Their integration in a video entry does not require works or drills, Since it is compatible with the boards from leading manufacturers at national level and its control module connects directly to the electronics of the goalkeeper and an antenna.

This system has some management cards, for the highs and the lows and own keys control (key ring cards, tags and app). The company has under development applications to facilitate the management of the installation.

Main Features

  • Compatible with Mifare Classic RFID system, DESFire EV1, Ntag213 and NFC.
  • Programmable for installation and customizable for each user opening time, as for the installation schedule control.
  • System power: 12-30 VDC – 12 Vrms.
  • Maximum consumption: 80 mA.
  • Consumption standby: 30 mA.
  • Maximum number of users: 3.100.
  • Maximum number of events: 2.000.
  • Environmental conditions: from -20 at 70 ° C.
  • Brands supported: Fermax, Golmar, Tegui and self.

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By • 9 Nov, 2016
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