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The Japanese multinational has introduced in the European market this innovative solution of access, that is based on the reading of the veins in the Palm of your hand, designed for the corporate market.

palmsecure – Fujitsu-psn900

ID Access PSN900 PalmSecure biometric device of Fujitsu It offers an access control accurate and innovative for businesses of any size installation, that consists of a terminal with integrated sensor PalmSecure and a touch screen, to authenticate the identity of the person by scanning the veins in the Palm of your hand, without contact.

Very simple installation and for the first time in the European market, This system integrates also quickly and easily in existing enterprises hardware infrastructures, providing a biometric authentication with a high degree of precision with respect to traditional access controls, based on PIN codes, passwords, keys or cards.

fujitsu_palmsecure-psn900Fujitsu PalmSecure PSN900 is available in different configurations to provide multi-factor authentication, with options such as the incorporation of readers, whether proximity HID or Mifare cards, as well as with different accessories for the Palm of the hand scan accurately, fast and hygienic.

This device uses infrared light to scan the pattern of blood without oxygen flowing through the veins of the Palm of the hand of users. A proprietary algorithm which uses this image to generate a unique biometric template, and the identification is confirmed with a database of already registered users.

Faster, Since the registration process takes less than a minute and the authentication less than a second, and with fewer errors that write a key, PalmSecure PSN900 is a very safe system, Since you veins are hidden under the skin and are not easily visible to the eye.

Also, patterns do not change and are unique; You can provide more than five million separate points of reference and forgery is practically impossible.

palmsecure – Fujitsu-psn900

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By • 11 Oct, 2016
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